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Sustainable Development Major Groups

Broad public participation is a fundamental prerequisite of sustainable development, and Agenda 21 recognizes nine major groups of civil society.

DESA's Division for Sustainable Development provides leadership and is an authoritative source of expertise within the United Nations system on sustainable development. It promotes sustainable development as the substantive secretariat to the UN Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD) and through technical cooperation and capacity building at international, regional and national levels.

The table below presents data on all organizations active in the CSD process, including special active and inactive accreditation categories, major groups' sectors, and meeting participation history.

Organizations active in CSD Meeting participation
Organizations active in the CSD process 2019
Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD) Roster 527
World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) - expired 710
Small Island Developing States (SIDS) - expired 23
Major Group Sectors
Business and industry 1431
Children and youth 3182
Farmers 1569
Indigenous people 1785
Local authorities 1679
Non-governmental organization 5577
Scientific and technological communities 1471
Women 2598
Workers and trade unions 802
2011: CSD-19 110
2010: CSD-18 130
2009: IPM CSD-17 41
2009: CSD-17 117
2008: CSD-16 95
2007: IPM CSD-15 32
2007: CSD-15 95
2006: CSD-14 105
2005: Mauritius International Meeting (SIDS+10) 43
2005: IPM CSD-13 36
2005: CSD-13 108
2004: CSD-12 126
2003: CSD-11 92
2002: WSSD PrepCom III 129
2002: WSSD PrepCom II 134
2002: Johannesburg Summit (WSSD) 702
2001: CSD-9 12
2000: CSD-8 3
1998: CSD-6 20
1996: CSD-4 7
1995: CSD-3 5
1994: Barbados Global Conference on SIDS 44
1993: CSD-1 2
1992: Rio Earth Summit 1081


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