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The UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues Thirteenth Session of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues
12-23 May 2014
UN Headquarters, New York

For further information about the session, please contact:

Important Notice
Your organization may already be registered with us. Please search for your organization here, and then return to this page. If your organization exists in our database, please contact us for your log in information in order to designate representatives to this meeting.
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If your organization is not registered in our database, please fill out the form below.

New Organization instructions

Please follow these steps in order to register to attend the UNPFII Sessions.

  1. Please fill in the Online Pre-Registration Form
  2. When you click on Add Organization. We will process the information about your organization that you provided us. This information will enable us to determine whether your organization is within the categories (Indigenous Peoples' Organizations or Academic) that can attend the UNPFII session. This process may take up to two weeks.
  3. If your organization is within the categories that can attend the UNPFII session, you will receive a login name and password which will enable you to add the names of your representatives.
  4. Within a 5-10 days of adding names, confirmation letters will be sent to all those listed under your organization. Please make sure you clear your mailbox so that you are able to receive emails with attachments. You may use the confirmation letter to apply for a visa. You must also bring this letter to the registration desk at UN Headquarters, New York in order to complete your registration process to attend the UNPFII session.
  5. If your organization is not within the categories to attend the UNPFII session, you will be advised accordingly.
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