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Name Future prospects for our global challenges and futures research methodologies for the UN
Date 15 January, 2009
Time 1:15 PM - 2:45 PM
Location Conference Room 6, Conference Room Building, UNHQ New York
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Description The accelerating rate and complexity of change should make the changes of the last 25 years appear slow compared to the next 25 years. Methods to anticipate and shape change and complexity will be increasingly necessary to address our global challenges. The Millennium Project was established in 1996 to help improve global futures research, share results through its annual State of the Future reports, and continuously learn from feedback through connecting global and local perspectives via its 32 Nodes around the world.

Results published in the 2008 State of the Future will be shared, such as new approaches to address global challenges, methods to improve the United Nations¿ global strategic processes with Member States and UN organizations, new institutional concepts like ¿transinstitutions¿ to help address the Millennium Development Goals, and how advances in ubiquitous computing, nanotechnology, biotechnology, and cognitive science are changing our policy options.
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