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of the United Nations, 147 of which were represented by their Head of State, was a

Armenian Human Rights School (AHRS) Advanced Human Rights Course of the Armenian Constitutional Right-Protective Centre (ACRPC) NGO
25 Aug 2010 - The Armenian Human Rights School (AHRS) was established in 1996 and is a strategic direction of the Armenian Constitutional Right-Protective Centre (ACRPC) NGO. AHRS works in collaboration with the National Institute of Education of the Ministry of Education and Science of Armenia. The Professional Development Programme is intended to enhance the human rights educational knowledge and teaching skills of Armenian educators responsible for teaching ┐Human Rights┐, ┐Civic Education┐, ┐State and Law┐ and ┐Ethics┐ subjects of the social sciences curriculum for grades 8-10 (students aged 14-18).
Armenian Constitutional Right-Protective Centre [NGO]
Location: Vanadzor

Cancer Sensitive Schools Project
5 Aug 2010 - The highest increase of cancer cases are seen at newly developing and industrializing countries. With its booming economy and rising youth population Turkey takes place among such countries. 43 % of the cancer deaths are grown out of tobacco use, nutrition and infection. As an annual mean average 150.000 new cancer cases occur in Turkey. If the action is not taken, 5 millions of people in Turkey will be ill with cancer in the following 20 years and 3.5 millions of them will loose their life. In the other hand unfortunately there are not protective action plans and effective youth policies about the cancer prevention for the youngsters in Turkey. As we know cancer is a preventable disease and dragging youngsters into an unhealthy life because of our negligence┐s definitely will mean that we are ignoring our future. We need to make young people conscious of their health and to promote them healthy lifestyles. The role of the schools while doing this is of basic importance. Schools should have a sensitive character and take an action to save young lives.
Ankara Foundation of Children with Leukemia [NGO]
Location: Ankara

China Environment Award
23 Sep 2010 - Established in 2000, China Environment Award is the highest grade of social reward in Chinaí»s environmental protection field for honoring organizations and individuals that have made significant contributions or outstanding achievements for Chinaí»s environmental protection. Each year 5 China Environment Prizes and 20 China Environment Excellent Awards will be granted in the five aspects of environmental management, urban environment, corporate environmental protection, ecological conservation and environmental publicity and education, the winners of China Environment Prize will each receive RMB 500,000 and the winners of China Environment Excellent Award will each receive RMB 50,000.
China Environmental Protection Foundation [NGO]
Location: China

Cicetekelo youth project
10 Feb 2010 - Cicetekelo youth project, a registered entity under the Association Pope John 23rd, aims at restoring and maintaining the dignity of orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs) through education, economic, spiritual, social and moral empowerment. The project encompasses program interventions that prevent youths from getting on the streets. In this way, the project focuses on capacity building for both OVCs and other vulnerable households to uplift their well being and attain self ┐ reliance, and subsequently contribute positively to national development. The project has grown from 33 OVCs at its inception in 1997 to the current 330 OVCs who are recruited in collaboration with the District Social welfare department, Ministry of sport, youth and child development, Residential district committees (found in all local communities), churches, schools, families, other NGOs and CBOs dealing with OVCs. Reintegration of OVCs into their families is also a fundamental aspect undertaken by the project in line with its objectives. CYP operates from two centres: (a) Phase 1 in Nkwazi Township - is designed for the OVCs between the ages of 8 and 15 from under privileged families from Nkwazi and other high poverty areas such as Sinia, Kawama, Pamodzi and Chipulukusu. The center has 200 OVCs. (b) Phase 2 in Minsundu ┐ designed for youths aged 16 to 22 years. It is a referral for children from phase 1 who have attained the age of 16, and also from the other institutions such as families, department of social welfare and residential district committees. The centre currently has 130 OVCs. The target at phase 2 is to promote independence and self confidence in the youths
Associazione Comunita Papa Giovanni XXIII [NGO]
Location: Kawama, Ndola, Zambia

Collective Safety, Security and Prosperity - Fractional Ownership Model
24 May 2010 - The world┐s oceans, seas, and waterways are trade routes that are increasingly threatened by non-state actors, perpetrating criminal acts of terrorism, piracy, drug trafficking, over-fishing, pollution, illegal immigration and other abuses to international cooperation and law. For the first time in history, these non-state actors now have the ability for global reach and the potential for disastrous global impact. The emergence of unrestricted, asymmetric threats facilitated by the proliferation of technology and emergence of the global economy underscores the need for increased global situational awareness, and sharing that awareness with legitimate national sovereignties to enhance safety, security and prosperity. This challenge is much like the situation that faced the Allies at the end of the Second World War with both a shift in the political and economic world order and the emergence of technologies that allowed individual nations to threaten the globe. The Allies were faced with trying to establish mechanisms for international cooperation as both superpowers and new nations emerged from the previous imperial / colonial framework and the nuclear age ushered in the threat of global destruction. To-date, it has not been technically possible to establish a sufficiently affordable and transparent capability to allow all nations to participate in a cooperative program to collect situational awareness data from every place on earth. The CANEUS Shared SmallSat CSSP (Collective Safety, Security and Prosperity) is the Global initiative dedicated to fostering Global collaboration to create a concept for space-based communications infrastructure owned and operated by a multi-national cooperative. The capability envisions data collection from position reporting systems and other distributed sensors to enhance partners┐ safety and security.
CANEUS International [NGO]
Location: Montreal

Counter Trafficking Women Forum( CTWF)
24 May 2010 - Counter Trafficking Women┐s Forum (CTWF) comprised of 15 female members including 3 female UP members, 3 female teachers, 3 female college students, 3 Ansar and VDP members, and 3 housewife/social workers will be formed.
Location: In 182 Unions under Khulna Division of Bangladesh

Establishment of Azerbaijan Mine Victims Association (AMVA) in Tartar, Fizuli and Aghstafa districts of Azerbaijan
23 Sep 2010 - As result of the 1992 -1994 war between Azerbaijan and Armenia over the Nagorno-Karabakh areas, close to 1 million people were displaced from their place of origin. Although a ceasefire on hold since May 1994, these refuges/internally displaced populations are still living in an extremely deplorable condition. Another consequence of the war is that numerous number of the population became handicapped as a result of landmine/UXO explosion. These victims live in various part of the Azerbaijan. Most of the victims are suffering from different degrees of invalidity. Their physical incapacity have directly affected the living conditions of the family as most of these victims are from men-folks and in most cases are the only earning members of the family. The mine/UXO victims live their lives with very little support from the government. They therefore need more support ┐ financial, material, health and moral, to address their difficulties and/or concerns. The IEPF (International Eurasia Press Fund) through the project ┐Mine Victims Needs Assessment┐, implemented in 2004 with financial support from EC (European Commission), was able to identify the following challenges being faced by the mine/UXO victims of Azerbaijan:  They are in real need of some kind of job opportunities for their living ;  They and their families are among the poorest bracket of the society ;  They are primarily involved in herding and Agriculture ;  They need legal assistance on issues in regards to the categorization of invalid status; and  A sizeable portion of the mine victims needs medical assistance
International Eurasia Press Fund [NGO]
Location: Azerbaijan

Experimental Painting Classes
5 Sep 2010 - We have been holding painting classes at Ayande Roshan Nokhbegan Foundation for over one year now. The results have been remarkable and thought-provoking, and that is the reason why we decided to share this experience with everyone else. Start date of the program: 3/1/2009 Number of students at the start of the program: 14 Number of students today: 30
Ayande Roshan Nokhbegan Foundation [NGO]
Location: Tehran, Iran

Philippines, Ghana, Netherlands launch ┐boats for progress┐ in West Africa
29 Apr 2009 -
DEVNET Association [NGO]
Location: Ghana, West Africa

Programme to support population in need, Lebanon and other Middle East countries, 1996-2010.
1 Aug 2008 -
Foundation for the Social Promotion of Culture (Fundacion Promocion Social de la Cultura) [NGO]
Location: Beirut, the BekÓa, Kab Elias, Lebanon

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