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Best Practices by Category: ICT for Social Development
DSPD Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) have become a significant factor in development, having a profound impact on the political, economic and social sectors of many countries. Governments, UN Agencies, NGOs and Academics to promote social development need to engage in more community capacity-building initiatives that will allow for the transfer of technology and its related skills to marginalized communities in order to develop and sustain long-term community driven sustainable practices for social development.

The Civil Society and Outreach Unit of the Division for Social Policy and Development (DSPD) would like to invite you to share your best practices, innovations, success stories and more on how you used ICT as a tool to advance social development such as poverty alleviation and youth employment. So join us by sharing your vision and examples of how you are changing the world!

Computer Training for Schools
6 Apr 2010 - Full legal names of organizations responsible God┐s Harvest Foundation in collaboration with Megatech Foundation Nationality Ghanaian Contact Persons Mr. Kenneth Nana Amoateng, Rev. Anthony Tsibu-Darko, Telephone Number +233- 244- 023651 , +233 ┐ 244 ┐ 596892 e-mail address: godsharvest@gharvestf.kabissa.org Website: www.godshf.co.cc This project seeks to equip the young people in their formative years, with computer skill with the aim of giving them a sound technological base towards their career development. We are an organization that alleviates poverty in sections of the society which are under privileged from their setbacks and prepare them to take their place in life. Our organization which seek to foster human well-being especially people in deprived conditions and advocacy notably children and prison inmates, and had taken up this challenge simply to create a peaceful environment, nation, and a world that every one will enjoy to live. Therefore our collaboration Magatech, network of non profit organizations based in Ghana and other collaborations is obligatory to make this dream possible. Our regular visits to the prisons to help in the rehabilitation and information of prison inmates brought to our notice that most of the incarceration is due to broken homes, parents not taking responsibility and lack of proper foundation (training) when they were children, as the bible says ┐┐Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart form it┐ (Prov.22:6), so we decided to salvage the future by giving a serious attention to the training of children in every area within our capacity. We preached i.e. giving them moral training, held seminar on drug abuse, and gave aid of drugs, cereals, sugar, soap and antibiotics to this course. We call on parents to see the education of their wards as one of the best investment in life. Besides giving their children the needed employable skills, they would at the same time help in building the human resource needs of the nation (The future of the nation). Every child carries the seed of the future.
God's Harvest Foundation, GHARFO [NGO]
Location: Tema, Ghana

International Education and Resource Trinidad and Tobago
18 Mar 2010 - iEARNTnT is pleasedto a part of this network, just a little infomation abour us :- iEARNTnT is the local network for iEARN a non profit network that support over 25,000 teachers an 2 million students in more than 130 countries to collaborate through a global telecomminications network on projects designed to make a difference in the world, some of our projects include Natural Disasters Youth Summit, Sandwatch, City to City, The Slave Trade, Traditions and Culture.
International Education and Resource Network, Trinidad and Tobago [NGO]
Location: National Coordinator

Millennium Candle Campaign
29 Jun 2010 - Anwar Jannat Memorial Foundation (Lahore) Pakistan has broken new grounds and successfully launched the ┐Millennium Candle Campaign┐, an exclusive and one of a kind project based on the UN Millennium Development Goals, 2015. We have discovered an unconventional way of reaching out to the world and its inhabitants from across the planet by starting on this crusade. ┐Millennium Candle Campaign┐ aims to encourage and inspire people globally to come out of their cocoons and paint some real strokes in support of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) so that together we can walk towards a peaceful world. Through this unexampled advocacy programme, we entreat people to light a ┐Millennium Candle┐ and show the leaders of the world that they need to fulfill their promises that have been made to them back at the UN Millennium Summit in year 2000. This campaign strives to light up ┐FOUR┐ candles in the process: 1. Virtual Candle on its official website: www.millenniumcandle.org, 2. Actual Candle in the candle-lit awareness seminars. 3. Spiritual & Intellectual Candle of hope, peace, equality and love in the hearts, minds, and souls of people across the globe. 4. Metaphorical/Symbolic Candle: of a world that is lit with peace, prosperity, justice and equality ┐ a world far more equal than it is now. Objectives of the Project: ┐ Promote Advocacy ┐ Involve & Engage Youth ┐ Build Alliances & Partnerships ┐ Enhance Outreach World-wide ┐ Foster local ownership of UN MDGs ┐ Advocate Volunteering for Development ┐ Create Mass Awareness about UN MDGs ┐ Ensure Youth Activism & Empowerment ┐ Contribute to the realization of UN MDGs
Anwar Jannat Memorial Foundation [NGO]
Location: 91-First Floor,Commercial Area,Cavalry Ground,Cantt,Lahore,Pakistan

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