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2015 ECOSOC High-Level Segment Open Call for Oral and Written Statements
08 - 27 April, 2015

The Office for ECOSOC Support and Coordination of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs is pleased to announce an open call for oral and written statements for the 2015 ECOSOC High Level Segment (HLS)...

DCF Republic of Korea High-level Symposium
08 - 10 April, 2015
The Symposium in Incheon will examine the role of development cooperation in implementing the post-2015 development agenda, at all levels, global, regional, national, subnational.

Organized by UNDESA and the Republic of Korea, the Symposium is the first high-level preparatory event for the ...

Advancing the System of Environmental Economic Accounting (SEEA)
06 - 10 April, 2015
As part of the project ôAdvancing the SEEA Experimental Ecosystem Accounting in pilot countriesö, the United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD) in collaboration with the United Nations Environment Programme and Convention of Biological Diversity Secretariat are working in close collaboration with th...

World Autism Awareness Day
02 April, 2015
This year, World Autism Awareness Day (WAAD) will highlight the unique talents of people with autism and what is required to promote growth in employment opportunities. People with autism often possess in greater abundance than ôneurotypicalö workers do ľ such as, heightened abilities in pattern rec...

Economic and Social Council civil society hearing on the longer-term positioning of the United Nations development system ľ CALL FOR WRITTEN STATEMENTS
02 - 23 April, 2015
The Economic and Social Council, in its resolution 2014/14 of 14 July 2014, decided to convene a transparent and inclusive dialogue involving Member States and all relevant stakeholders on the longer-term positioning of the United Nations development system, taking into account the post-2015 develop...

ECOSOC Integration Segment
30 March - 01 April, 2015
The second Integration Segment of the Economic and Social Council will focus on ôachieving sustainable development through employment creation and decent work for all.ö The Segment will demonstrate how the creation of good quality jobs could be a tool for promoting the economic, social and environme...

Second Meeting of the Expert Group on Environment Statistics
25 - 27 March, 2015
Second Meeting of the Expert Group on Environment Statistics will take place in New York on 25-27 March.

The Statistical Commission at its forty-fourth session in 2013 adopted the revised Framework for the Development of Environment Statistics (FDES 2013) as the framework for strengthening...

17th plenary session of the Committee for Development Policy (CDP)
23 - 27 March, 2015
During the five days, the CDP members will examine the following themes; (i) strengthening accountability for sustainable development in the post-2015 era; (ii) CDPĺs contribution to the mid-term review of the Istanbul Plan of Action; (iii) the 2015 triennial review of the least developed country ca...

International Day of Forests
21 March, 2015
21 March is the International Day of Forests, and the theme of this yearĺs observance of the Day is climate change. Forests and climate are inextricably linked, forests generate oxygen, store carbon, conserve soils, and build resilience to natural and man-made disasters.

An estimated 17 pe...

113th session - Human Rights Committee
16 March - 02 April, 2015
At its forthcoming 113th session, the Human Rights Committee will examine the efforts of the following six countries to implement the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights:

-Cote dĺIvore

The Commit...

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