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International Seminar on Green Economy and Official Statistics
06 - 08 July, 2011
This Seminar is being organized by DESA┐s Statistics Division, in collaboration with Statistics Korea, the national statistics office of the Republic of Korea. A green economy has been recognized as one of the critical development models for the future which improves well-being and social equity whi...

ECOSOC substantive session
04 - 29 July, 2011
Opening with the High-level Segment on 4-8 July, the 2011session of the Economic and Social Council will include a dialogue with the Executive Secretaries of the Regional Commissions on 8 July; a Coordination Segment on 11-14 July; Operational Activities Segment on 14-18 July; Humanitarian Affairs S...

2011 ECOSOC Innovation Fair
04 - 07 July, 2011
At the occassion of the the Annual Ministerial Review (AMR) at the High-level segment of the annual substantive session of the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), which will be devoted to ┐Implementing the internationally agreed goals and commitments in education┐, the Fair will showcase innovativ...

International Day of Cooperatives
02 July, 2011
The United Nations recognizes and reaffirms the role of cooperatives in economic, social and cultural development and in the achievement of social policy objectives as shown in various resolutions specific to cooperatives and the biennial publication of the Secretary-General┐s report on the role of ...

Seminar on Disability and Economics: The nexus between disability, education and employment
01 July, 2011
A panel discussion will be held at UN Headquarters to discuss the relationships between disability, education and employment. Using the findings of the study conducted in Nepal, the panelists will highlight the moral, social imperatives of including persons with disabilities in the labour market, as...

Panel Discussion on Sport as a tool for development: Using Sport to Foster the Inclusion and Well-Being of Persons with Disabilities
27 June, 2011
The unique ability of sports to transcend linguistic, cultural and social barriers makes it an excellent platform for strategies of inclusion and adaptation. Furthermore, the universal popularity of sport and its physical, social and economic development benefits make it an ideal tool for fostering ...

Expert Group Meeting on International Standards for Civil Registration and Vital Statistics
27 - 30 June, 2011
DESA┐s Statistics Division is organizing an Expert Group Meeting on International Standards for Civil Registration and Vital Statistics, which will review the Principles and Recommendations for a Vital Statistics System, Rev. 2, published in 2001 by the UN (UN publication, Sales No. E.01.XVII.10). <...

Tree Biotechnology 2011 - From genomes to integration and delivery
26 June - 02 July, 2011

Expert Group Meeting on ┐The Challenge of Building Employment for a Sustainable Recovery┐
23 - 24 June, 2011
The meeting aims at providing input to the work of the Commission and at informing ongoing national and international debates on the challenge of building productive employment. It also aims to send a strong message on the importance of promoting job-rich growth to reduce poverty and maintain social...

The 2011 UN Public Service Day, Awards Ceremony and Forum
20 - 23 June, 2011
Over 600 participants are expected to attend the 2011 UN Public Service Day, Awards Ceremony and Forum on 20-23 June. With a focus on "Transformative Leadership in Public Administration and Innovation in Governance: Creating a Better Life for All", the event will feature workshops, an exhibition and...

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