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Workshop on Statistics of International Trade in Services
30 November - 03 December, 2010
DESA┐s Statistics Division in cooperation with the General Statistical Office of Vietnam is organizing this workshop within the framework of DESA┐s Development Account project for the strengthening of the statistical capacity of countries in South East Asia.

The objective of the workshop is...

18th Inter-agency and Expert Group Meeting on MDG
30 November - 02 December, 2010
As part of the regular consultation with both national and international experts to review and discuss issues related to the MDG monitoring, the meeting will focus on localizing the MDG indicators, country capacity building and creation of appropriate frameworks for monitoring national development. ...

United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
29 November - 10 December, 2010
The United Nations Climate Change Conference opened in Canc˙n, Mexico on 29 November, bringing together 193 nations and calling for a balanced and concrete outcome to meet one of today┐s biggest challenges.
Addressing the media, Christiana Figueres, Executive Director of the UN Framework Convent...

International Workshop on Social Statistics
22 - 26 November, 2010
DESA┐s Statistics Division and the National Bureau of Statistics of China are organizing this workshop as part of the social statistics programme of the Statistics Division with the purpose of enhancing the capacity of countries to collect, disseminate and use quality statistics on time use and on v...

Workshop on the 2010 World Programme on Population and Housing Censuses: Census Evaluation and Post Enumeration Surveys, for Arabic speaking Countries
21 - 24 November, 2010
DESA┐s Statistics Division in collaboration with the Jordan Department of Statistics and the Arab Institute for Training and Research in Statistics, is organizing this workshop to present an overview of the various methods of evaluating censuses with a focus on the post enumeration survey (PES) meth...

2010 Shanghai World Expo; Summit Forum
18 November, 2010
The Summit Forum is of the highest rank among three types of forums. The Summit Forum will be the climax of the Expo forums as it provides a stage for large-scale discussion of global urbanization issues. The ┐Shanghai Declaration,┐ which is to be announced at the Summit Forum, will be a significant...

International Seminar on Early Warning and Business Cycle Indicators
17 - 19 November, 2010
This is the final seminar organized by DESA┐s Statistics Division and Eurostat in cooperation with the hosts of the three seminars, Statistics Canada (Ottawa, May 2009), Statistics Netherlands (Scheveningen, December 2009) and the Federal eState Statistics Service of the Russian Federation. These se...

National CensusInfo Training
09 - 12 November, 2010
DESA┐s Statistics Division is organizing this training in collaboration with the National Statistical Office, Malawi. It is intended to develop the national census technical teams┐ capacities to adapt CensusInfo as platform for disseminating census data. Participants will learn various processes inv...

Seminar on the Implementation of the System of National Accounts 2008 in the Latin America and Caribbean Region
09 - 12 November, 2010
The System of National Accounts, 2008 (2008 SNA) is an updated version of the System of National Accounts, 1993 (1993 SNA). It is the fifth version of the SNA, the first of which was published over fifty years ago.

The 2008 SNA was prepared under the auspices of the Inter-Secretariat Workin...

Workshop on MDG Monitoring
08 - 11 November, 2010
The Workshop, which is organized by DESA┐s Statistics Division in collaboration with the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), will bring together representatives from national statistical offices and line ministries to review recommendations for reporting of MDG data and to establi...

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