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Best Practices by Topic: Gender Equality
"It is impossible to realize our goals while discriminating against half the human race. There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women." (Kofi Annan, Then UN Secretary-General, 2006)

In spite of a global effort to assure the respect of human rights and the strengthening of women role within our societies, full gender equality has not been achieved yet. On the contrary, women are still discriminated and their potential remains largely unexploited.

Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment do not only respond to the universal duty of respecting human rights, but represent major tools for fighting extreme poverty and realizing political, economic and social development for all.

Gender and Governance Programme
10 Feb 2010 - The representation of women in decision-making organs in Kenyan parliament and local authorities is still very low (under 10%), four decades after independence. To address this issue, the Caucus is one of the organizations implementing the famous four-year Gender and Governance Programme in Kenya. The Gender and Governance Programme, commonly referred to as GGP was developed as a follow-up to the Engendering Political Process Programme, implemented in 2002, to support women to participate actively in 2002 general elections. The GGP was developed by different stakeholders comprising of women leaders and women centred civil society organisations and supported by the United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM) and development partners such as the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA), the Royal Netherlands Embassy, the Royal Norwegian Embassy and Department for International Development (DFID) among others. The Caucus┐ twin focus in this programme is Gender Equality and Women┐s participation in local governance as well as Gender Equality and women┐s empowerment in political party processes. In preparing for the 2007 general elections, the Caucus trained 105 community resource persons, both men and women whose mandate included mobilizing support for women┐s leadership in the run up to the elections.
Caucus for Women's Leadership [NGO]
Location: Nairobi, Districts Kenya

Improvement of social and economical conditions of rural women in Gaza, Palestinian Territories
25 Mar 2010 - This project has implemented actions for promoting and strengthening the associative movement of rural women in the Gaza Strip, as well as for improving agricultural production capacity in this sector of the population. It has been run by the Foundation for the Social Promotion of Culture (FPSC) and the Union of Agricultural Work Committees (UAWC) with the support of the Regional Government of Madrid (CAM). Main Goal: To improve the social situation of rural women in Gaza by building the capacity of local community-based organizations devoted to enhance the role of women in society, and to improve the economic conditions of rural women in Gaza through vocational training and food security initiatives. Activities carried out can be summarized as follows: ┐ The setting up of three women┐s centres in northern, central and southern Gaza. ┐ Training activities related to the civil area (human rights, democracy, etc.) and to the management of institutions (teamwork, IT, lobbying, etc.), aimed at those responsible for community-based organizations (CBOs) devoted to the promotion of rural women. ┐ Professional training for women through specialized rural skills workshops (rearing of goats, chickens, rabbits, etc.). This training has been completed with support for a specific number of women in setting up small units for rearing chickens, rabbits, goats or bees. The aim of this is to promote the earning of other income, contributing to household food security.
Foundation for the Social Promotion of Culture (Fundacion Promocion Social de la Cultura) [NGO]
Location: Gaza Strip

The Grail Story: Healing Psyche, Patriarchy and Planet by Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D.
10 Feb 2010 - The Grail Story: Healing Psyche, Patriarchy and Planet Until feminine and masculine qualities are equally valued, there can be no equality indecision-making or care-giving by couples, families or patriarchal institutions. Cultural attitudes change when a critical number of people change their perceptions, when a tipping point is reached and that which was resisted is accepted as normal. Valuing women and valuing feminine qualities are what leads to equal rights and responsibilities. Heeding the urgent message from Mother will only be possible through the combined efforts of grassroots activism and enlightened leaders. A deeper understanding of the problem and the potential solution comes through mythic insights into the sacred feminine, the grail and goddess archetypes.
Pathways to Peace [NGO]
Location: Church Center, New York, NY - 3/2/09

The Millionth Circle - Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D. 5WCW; Peggy Sebera, Millionth Circle; Elly Pradervand (WWSF)
22 Dec 2009 - The circle is the opposite of hierarchy and when it specifically invites participants to speak from the heart and from their own experience, it enhances trust and compassion. It is a form and process that leads to sharing responsibility and caregiving between men and women. Circles support authenticity and activism. The millionth circle idea draws upon the example of how consciousness-raising groups became the women┐s movement and changed the world. The millionth circle is the metaphoric circle that creates a critical mass in perception and ends patriarchy, through an egalitarian balance between masculine and feminine. Sponsor: Pathways to Peace. Co-sponsors: Women┐s World Summit Foundation (WWSF) , Women┐s Intercultural Network (WIN). Millionth Circle.
Pathways to Peace [NGO]
Location: New York, NY

Training course: to promote a sustainable development - towards understanding relational dynamics and conflict resolution
20 Apr 0026 - Ius Primi Viri International Association together with Salerno University organzes a training course for tainers in the socio-educational field as well as for young graduates in human sciences (sociology, psychology, pedagogy). The aim of the course is to spread a new communication pattern for un derstanding and solving conflicts arising in ther familiar, social and intercvultural fields. In order to implemen t this project a direct confrontation is proposed on subjects concerning relationship life, the couple, families - woman-man, children-parents, wherever different cultures are living together.
IUS PRIMI VIRI International Association [NGO]
Location: Salerno - Italy

Winning Strategies for Gender Equality (Panel)
10 Feb 2010 - Winning Strategies for Gender Equality (panel) "THE US IS BACK" US WOMEN CONNECT (USWC) declared at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women's 53rd Session. On March 2nd, in New York City, USWC opened Non-Governmental Organization Parallel Events of the UNCSW with a panel on "Winning Strategies for Gender Equality" at a most diversely represented event with 140 women and standing room only, the day after a blizzard that had shut down airports. The Hon. Jackie Weatherspoon (NH) moderated our stellar panel with Liz Abzug (NY), Dana Balicki, Dr. Jean Shinoda Bolen, Marilyn Fowler(CA), Andrea Johnson(DC), Rona Popal, and US Women Connect's President, Rosemary Smithson (MO). California's Women's Intercultural Network is the official Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) consultative to the UN, which hosted USWC.
Pathways to Peace [NGO]
Location: New York, NY -- 3/2/09

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