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Best Practices by Topic: Education
Education itself may not change the world, but it might change those people that will be able to change the world.

Education is simply priceless: it represents the best investment we can make for ourselves and for our children in order to exercise our own rights of human beings in their full form, to advocate their respect both for ourselves and for the others and reinforce their protection.

Through education, we, as children and marginalized adults, can lift ourselves out of poverty, become full citizens of our countries and play a crucial role within our societies, being aware of the challenges of the present and finding out solutions for a better future.

Equal access to education of good quality, without discrimination or exclusion should be a permanent top priority in the Development Agenda of all the actors of the International Community.

Cancer Sensitive Schools Project
5 Aug 2010 - The highest increase of cancer cases are seen at newly developing and industrializing countries. With its booming economy and rising youth population Turkey takes place among such countries. 43 % of the cancer deaths are grown out of tobacco use, nutrition and infection. As an annual mean average 150.000 new cancer cases occur in Turkey. If the action is not taken, 5 millions of people in Turkey will be ill with cancer in the following 20 years and 3.5 millions of them will loose their life. In the other hand unfortunately there are not protective action plans and effective youth policies about the cancer prevention for the youngsters in Turkey. As we know cancer is a preventable disease and dragging youngsters into an unhealthy life because of our negligence┐s definitely will mean that we are ignoring our future. We need to make young people conscious of their health and to promote them healthy lifestyles. The role of the schools while doing this is of basic importance. Schools should have a sensitive character and take an action to save young lives.
Ankara Foundation of Children with Leukemia [NGO]
Location: Ankara

Computer Training for Schools
6 Apr 2010 - Full legal names of organizations responsible God┐s Harvest Foundation in collaboration with Megatech Foundation Nationality Ghanaian Contact Persons Mr. Kenneth Nana Amoateng, Rev. Anthony Tsibu-Darko, Telephone Number +233- 244- 023651 , +233 ┐ 244 ┐ 596892 e-mail address: godsharvest@gharvestf.kabissa.org Website: www.godshf.co.cc This project seeks to equip the young people in their formative years, with computer skill with the aim of giving them a sound technological base towards their career development. We are an organization that alleviates poverty in sections of the society which are under privileged from their setbacks and prepare them to take their place in life. Our organization which seek to foster human well-being especially people in deprived conditions and advocacy notably children and prison inmates, and had taken up this challenge simply to create a peaceful environment, nation, and a world that every one will enjoy to live. Therefore our collaboration Magatech, network of non profit organizations based in Ghana and other collaborations is obligatory to make this dream possible. Our regular visits to the prisons to help in the rehabilitation and information of prison inmates brought to our notice that most of the incarceration is due to broken homes, parents not taking responsibility and lack of proper foundation (training) when they were children, as the bible says ┐┐Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart form it┐ (Prov.22:6), so we decided to salvage the future by giving a serious attention to the training of children in every area within our capacity. We preached i.e. giving them moral training, held seminar on drug abuse, and gave aid of drugs, cereals, sugar, soap and antibiotics to this course. We call on parents to see the education of their wards as one of the best investment in life. Besides giving their children the needed employable skills, they would at the same time help in building the human resource needs of the nation (The future of the nation). Every child carries the seed of the future.
God's Harvest Foundation, GHARFO [NGO]
Location: Tema, Ghana

Experimental Painting Classes
5 Sep 2010 - We have been holding painting classes at Ayande Roshan Nokhbegan Foundation for over one year now. The results have been remarkable and thought-provoking, and that is the reason why we decided to share this experience with everyone else. Start date of the program: 3/1/2009 Number of students at the start of the program: 14 Number of students today: 30
Ayande Roshan Nokhbegan Foundation [NGO]
Location: Tehran, Iran

To bring the district in forefront in SSLC Examination
2 Sep 2010 - We invite your kind attention to our activities of an NGO , functioning in the field of Consumer interests for the last 19 years , with 5 State awards , 2 National awards & BIS registration . We are happy to inform you that we are an NGO with the Special Consultative Status of the United Nations. Kindly recall our interaction as a BIS registered Organization functioning for the interest of the Consumers.
Palakkad District Consumers┤ Association [NGO]
Location: Palakkad - Kerala - India.

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