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Request to be heard at the 2015 ECOSOC High-Level Segment

The Office for ECOSOC Support and Coordination of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs is pleased to announce an open call for oral and written statements for the 2015 ECOSOC High Level Segment (HLS) for NGOs in ECOSOC consultative status.

The theme for the 2015 session of the Economic and Social Council is “Managing the transition from the Millennium Development Goals to the sustainable development goals: what it will take”.

The HLS will include the three-day ministerial meeting of the high-level political forum on sustainable development, convened under the auspices of the Council, and the annual ministerial review.

In accordance with ECOSOC resolution 1996/31 and at the recommendation of ECOSOC Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations with approval of ECOSOC, organizations in general and special consultative status are encouraged to make oral presentations to the Council.

Please note that while all NGOs in consultative status are invited to attend to this event, the United Nations will not provide financial assistance for travel and/or accommodation expenses of the NGO Representatives. Due to a high volume of organizations requesting to speak at the event, we are unable to guarantee your participation. The authority to decide on the list of speakers is always vested upon the President of ECOSOC.

If you wish to request to be heard by the Council, please click on the button "Fill out Form". Please note that this is only a request to speak and not the submission of the oral presentation itself. If you wish to submit a written statement, please click here.

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by Worldwide Coalition for Peace Inc [NGO]
4 Jun 2015
Has anyone been notified if they are speaking at this conference? We submitted a request and have heard nothing back.We feel that our message is quite important concerning the attainment of the Millennium Development Goals and all goals that humanity collectively seeks to attain and yet have not been notified. The conference is only a month away and this is our first request to speak...is this normal?

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by Réseau des Plates Formes d'ONG d'Afrique de l'Ouest et du Centre (REPAOC) [NGO]
8 May 2015
L'intégration régionale en Afrique de l'Ouest doit passer l'éradication de l'apatridie. C'est pourquoi les années à venir les Nations-Unies doivent accompagner l'Union Africaine pour protéger les droits des populations affectées par la perte de nationalité. Cet accompagnement renforce la dimension sécuritaire dans nos Etats.

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by African Heritage Foundation Nigeria [NGO]
8 May 2015

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by Love for Israel Relief Fund ? The Fund for Advancing Social Projects (RA) [NGO]
1 May 2015
Issues that the ECOSOC should focus on in the coming years to accomplish the sustainable development goals are:

The ECOSOC should establish an international governmental transparency agreement. Member states should be obligated to protect international human rights standards under this this agreement. Under this agreement, member states should be obligated to establish a fair and independent venue to thoroughly investigate complaints against governmental officials and employees especially by private citizens. Such a venue cannot be susceptible to pressure from anyone to simply complaints under the carpet. Finally, there must be mechanisms in place to protect complainants from retaliation by those in positions of power who are being investigated.

When private citizens of member states attempt to file complaints, but face retaliation, corruption, or their complaints get swept under the carpet – the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights already investigates appeals. However, they need resources to sanction member states that refuse to comply with the international governmental transparency standards.

For example, the ECOSOC should keep a report card of each member state's track record of handling complaints filed with the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. This report card should be taken into consideration when member states want to participate in the macro-economy.

Countries with the lowest child welfare track record should be additionally required to retain a team of experts from member states with the highest track record to help them overhaul their social welfare, judicial, and health systems. They should be obligated to adopt such expert recommendations or show good cause why it cannot implement them. The goal is to find a unique solution that fits that country's needs and not give up to the status quo of a failed system.

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by Perfect Union [NGO]
1 May 2015
The MAPEX, project management excellence, INNOVATIVE METHODOLOGY
For a project to qualify as an excellence it must fit into a policy of excellence and imperatively include:
* Common sense and values​​, including peace and respect for human rights * respect for the environment,
* Sustainable Prosperity
* Greater social inclusion for all
The MAPEX (project management excellence) includes the design, monitoring and evaluation of the project. It contains all the basics needed to anchor its efforts in the field of excellence. It may be aimed at beginners to professionals, with its clear structure, concise sentences and numerous concrete examples that allow data assimilation. It stands out from other books by its aim for excellence. Indeed, we will have beautiful method, it will always be the values ​​and common sense prevail.
The project logic is then part of a process of active consciousness and thoughtful putting values ​​at the heart of decision making. Also, you should make it a tool helping to build the better world we want to live and put the legacy we want to leave to future generations.
The MAPEX method is a project template accessible to anyone who wants to register their approach in a sustainable center of excellence: policy makers, service instructors, project engineers, project managers, project managers, responsible for evaluating projects to anyone dream whatever field they are (private or public organizations, government, associations, organizations, companies, individuals ...).
It is addressed to all those who have a heart and exceptional values. Far from being self-centered, the project of excellence must have an open mind to think to think of others and to assess the consequences of the acts. The project excellence is particularly interested in direct and indirect consequences of that act.

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by Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International e.V. [NGO]
23 Apr 2015
Dear sir dear madam,

Thank you for your message indicating that the questionnaire for requesting oral statements is now open. Indeed it now gives details like name of the speaker, and a description of how our statement relates to the theme of the 2015 session of ECOSOC etc. However, since I tried to submit our response already earlier this week, I cannot fill the questionnaire as it says: Thank you! This questionnaire was successfully submitted by you on 20 Apr 2015. No further action is required at this point. This means we have submitted an empty form, which will not very likely attract the interest of the Council. Can you please advice how we can still submit the details of the questionnaire, e.g. possibly via email? Thanks much for a quick response, I realise the deadline is Monday so we really would like to make a timely submission before the weekend.
Kind regards
Susanne Boetekees
Fairtrade International
Strategic Relations

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by Graduate Women International (GWI) [NGO]
22 Apr 2015
Dear Madam/Sir,

I kindly wish to echo the sentiments of my colleagues below in terms of the ambiguous process for requesting to make an oral statement. I also received an alert saying that our request had been "submitted", which I found rather perplexing as there had not been an opportunity to input any information.

I would be most obliged if you could adivse on this matter at your earliest convenience as I am conscious that the deadline is fast approaching (27 April).

Many thanks in advance and kind regards,

Aoife Hegarty
Advocacy and Communications Officer, International Federation of University Women (IFUW)

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by Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International e.V. [NGO]
22 Apr 2015
Dear sir, dear madam,
We would like to respond positively to the recent call of ECOSOC HLS for oral / written statements.
However, the link on the website does not seem to work properly; the button "fill out form" after "click to submit a request for an oral statement" does not contain any information, and one can only proceed by clicking a button "submit" without giving any details on e.g. the suggested person delivering the oral statement, or the main message of that statement. Can you kindly advice on how to best register for this, or direct me to the right person / body who can advice accordingly?
Many thanks in advance,
with kind regards
Susanne Boetekees
Strategic Relations, Fairtrade International

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by The Sant Nirankari Mandal, Delhi [NGO]
22 Apr 2015
I am C.L.Gulati, Secy, Sant Nirankari Mandal.
We would like to submit ORAL statement but it looks like "Fill form" takes us to 2014 questionnaire. There is no link for 2015 submission except for "submit" button,
As a result, we filled 2014 questionnaire with the statement and pressed submit button.

Please confirm if that suffices.


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by African British Returnees lnternational Ltd [NGO]
20 Apr 2015
20 Apr 2015

Dear Sir,

My name is Prof. Oloruntoba Timothy Atte, I am the Representative for African British Returnees International (an NGO in Special Consultative Status with ECOSOC).

My NGO would like to submit an oral statement during the 2015 High Level Segment of ECOSOC after clicking on the icon "Fill Out Form". The next page did not include a questionnaire or any information, simply an icon titled: SUBMIT. When l clicked on that icon the page confirmed l had submitted our application.

Please kindly confirm to us that this is the format to have our statement heard during the High Level Segment?

Thank you for your assistance with this.

Best regards,


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by Global Foundation for Democracy and Development, Inc. [NGO]
16 Apr 2015
Dear Sirs:

My name is Marc Jourdan, I am the UN Representative for the Global Foundation for Democracy and Development (an NGO in Special Consultative Status with ECOSOC).

Our foundation would like to submit an oral statement during the 2015 High Level Segment of ECOSOC. I therefore clicked on the icon "Fill Out Form". The next page did not include a questionnaire or any information, simply an icon titled: SUBMIT. Having clicked on that icon the page confirmed we had submitted our application.

Please can you confirm if this is sufficient to have our statement heard during the High Level Segment?

Thank you for your assistance with this.

Best regards,

Marc Jourdan
GFDD UN Representative

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by All-Russian Public Organization of Disabled People with Multiple Sclerosis [NGO]
12 Apr 2015
Dear Jacqueline Menoud,
The All-Russian public organization of disabled people with multiple sclerosis (Russian Multiple Sclerosis Society – org in special consultative status with ECOSOC) intends to make an oral statement at the 2015 high-level segment of ECOSOC.
We found it difficult (complicated interface) to make a REQUEST to be heard there. It did not ask questions to accept my answers and immediately gave me a confirmation that our ‘empty’ request had been submitted.
Is there another way to make the request?
We hope to be able to request, submit our oral statement until 27 Apr, and be heard eventually.
Thank you for your time and help.
Pavel Zlobin
Vice President
Russian Multiple Sclerosis Society

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by ESOFE Association pour l'éducation, Ia santé et Ia promotion des femmes et des enfants au Cameroun [NGO]
10 Apr 2015

L'un de nos participants souhaiterai être entendu.
Meilleures salutations
Jacqueline Menoud

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