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Special accreditation questionnaire for non-accredited NGOs to the United Nations Summit for the adoption of the post-2015 development agenda

Complete this questionnaire ONLY if your Organization does NOT fall under any of the following three categories:

· Organizations in consultative status with ECOSOC;
· Organizations on the CSD Roster; and
· Organizations accredited to the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD).

If your Organization falls under any of the three categories mentioned above, then register by clicking here.

Please note: If your Organization is not yet in the database, you will need to create a profile for your organization, by clicking here. Once a new profile is created, and is approved by the NGO Branch, you will receive a confirmation email after which you will be able to login to complete the questionnaire.

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by Biafra [NGO]
3 Feb 2017
Dear sir/madam, happy day, the topic about sustainability seems extra-quality, we should note that sustainable development can be a development carefully endorsed and carefully managed,

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by World Protection for Dogs and Cats in the Meat Trade [NGO]
2 Jan 2017
We are having the same issues

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by Savera Society For Human Initiatives [NGO]
24 Dec 2016
Dear NGO branch,
We are trying to get special accreditation for pre registration but couldn't find questioners.

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by BAYAN Iran Association [NGO]
9 Aug 2015
is it possible to extend the deadline and reopen the submission?

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by Safe Campaign LLC [NGO]
8 Aug 2015
Dear NGO Branch-

I am having the same issue as Shaharris concerning not receiving any replies to my inquiry and the information I had submitted more than three years ago. I have not as yet received an update concerning whether or not our application for consultative status had been accepted. I saw the email invitation for special registration and checked the status and it is still saying that we are not as yet registered in consultative status. Please share with me the next steps and also the reasons that we've never heard anything until now about the application? I have everything submitted and more materials if needed to submit upon request.

Thank you for your support-

Dr. Kalima F. Abdul-Quddus

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by Association "Paix" pour la lutte contre la Contrainte et l'injustice [NGO]
6 Aug 2015
Nous Association << paix >> pour la lutte contre la contrainte et l'injustice dotée du statut consultatif aupres de l'ECOSOC / Nations - Unies depuis 2015 souhaite participer a la conferance sur l'adoption de l'agenda post 2015 sur le developpement et nous demandons une accréditation a fin de participer a cette importante rencontre qui aura lieu du 25 au 27 septembre 2015 a New- York

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by Mouvement de la Paix [NGO]
5 Aug 2015
Le Mouvement de la Paix France souhaite participer à la Conférence sur l'adoption de l'Agenda post 2015 sur le Développement, avant la COP 21 qui aura lieu à Paris.
Notre dossier pour le statut consultatif ECOSOC est actuellement en cours d'examen.
Est-il possible d'obtenir une accréditation spéciale pour la prochaine session de New York?
D'avance merci de votre réponse.

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by Centre d'Observation et de Promotion de l'Etat de Droit (C.O.P.E.D) [NGO]
5 Aug 2015
Notre ONG le Centre d'Observation et de Promotion de l’État de Droit (COPED) souhaite participer à la Conférence sur l’adoption de l'Agenda Post 2015 sur le Développement. Nous venons de soumettre notre adhésion pour le statut consultatif auprès de l'ECOSOC. Est-il possible que nous disposons d'une accréditation spéciale?

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by Réseau pour L'éducation et la Santé de la Femme Africaine [NGO]
3 Aug 2015
Our NGO RESFA ( réseau pour l'éducation et la sante de la femme africaine) we are looping forward to patricipate to the afternoon 2015 session,

Best regards,

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by Women's Affairs Technical Committee [NGO]
3 Aug 2015
Hello, I have a question. My organization "Women's Affairs Technical Committee" appears in the database when I look for it, but it doesn't have the the consultative status with the Economic and Social Council yet, and I am not sure if it is categorized under other categories. Shall I fill the questionnaire?
Thank you

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by Zimbabwe United Nations Association [NGO]
2 Aug 2015
We are looking forward to participate at this important event.

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by Korean Friendship Association - Brazilian Branch [NGO]
28 Jul 2015
Is Rio+20 counting as accreditation to the WSSD too?

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by Association du Développement et de la Promotion de Droits de l'Homme [NGO]
27 Jul 2015

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by Organisation non gouv Corps de Paix et de Vie [NGO]
1 Jan 2017
NGO CPAVIE en république du Bénin
Organizations accredited to the Worl , COP21 à Paris

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