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Posted on 2 Aug 2010 by: NGO Branch [ Content posted by United Nations Secretariat, Agency, or Programme UN ENTITY ]

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Special Studies

Consultation with the subsidiary bodies of the ECOSOC can be in the way of special studies. A Commission or other subsidiary body may recommend that an organization that has special competence in a particular field should undertake specific studies or investigations or prepare specific papers for the Commission.

Provisional agenda

The agenda of the Council and sessions of commissions shall be communicated to organizations in general, special and Roster status.

Organizations in general status may propose items to the Council¿s agenda by approaching the Committee on NGOs to request the Secretary-General to place items of special interest to the organizations in the provisional agenda of the Council.

The NGO that intends to propose an item to provisional agenda of the ECOSOC subsidiary bodies  shall inform the Secretary-General of the United Nations at least 63 days before the commencement of the session and before formally proposing an item shall give due consideration to any comments the Secretary-General may make. The proposal shall be formally submitted to the ECOSOC Commission with the relevant documentation not later than 49 days before the commencement of the session. The item will be included in the agenda if it is adopted by 2/3 majority of those present and voting.

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by Holly Heart United [NGO]
10 May 2016
salut , je suis Junior MOPOKA le coordonnateur de l'ONG Holly Heart United
nous sommes toujours à l'attente de votre réponse par rapport à notre demande
et par l'autorisation de mon président MILAMBU Fréddy que je vous fait cette message
toujours à l'attente de votre réponse

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by Morya Samajik Pratistan [NGO]
24 Apr 2016
i am started new N.G.O. the name is Smail, i want to accredited as a Consultative statutes...so pleases give the information ....it is newly registrar ngo.

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by Association of Women's Organizations in Jamaica [NGO]
2 Feb 2016
On June 1 2015 I applied on behalf of Association of Women's Organizations in Jamaica (AWOJA) for consultative status. All relevant documentation was supplied. But I have not seen any response. Please let me know our status. Hermione McKenzie, President, AWOJA.

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by Actions communautaires pour le développement integral [NGO]
15 Jan 2016
Actions communautaires pour le développement intégral,ACDI/RDC est une organisation non gouvernementale de développement qui milite pour le développement durable et la lutte contre les effets du changement climatique en RDC.
Elle est accrédité à ECOSOC depuis mai 2014 .
Siege: Avenue Echangeur 1-LEMBA-KINSHASA/RDC
Email : acdiongd5@yahoo.fr / ilutaclaude.acdi@gmail.com Tél:+243.81 400 14 57

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by Swamy Vivekananda Yoga Research & Holistic Health Trust (r) [NGO]
17 Jun 2014
swamy vivekananda yoga research & holistic health trust, bangalore, india, has developed a yoga package 'ATMA DARSHANA YOGA" which helps in 1. controlling life style disorders - BP, Diabetes, Back/Knee pain, Sleeplessness, Obesity,Depression, Migraine,sinusitis etc., 2. Improves Memory, Concentratiion for chilren 3. Improves relationship in the family - parents & Children, Husbend & Wife. etc., we can defenetly helps many families when attended together. we can take this program to different nations under UN banner to maintain "PEACE & HARMONY" in the family/ Nation. Please consider thanks Yogi Devaraj Founder President. visit www.atmadarshanayoga.in M: +91 94491 66245, +91 80 2856 0168 we are always ready serve humanity

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by Tanchangya Kalyan Sanghstha in Bangladesh [NGO]
31 May 2014
Permanent Mission of Bangladesh to the United Nations
820, 2nd Avenue, 4th Floor, New York, NY-10017
Fax- 2129724038
Email: Bangladesh@un.int, bdpmny@gmail.com

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by Career Development Society Mananwala [NGO]
14 Sep 2013
Interesting work under UN forum. new entry and trying to understand the reporting method of NGO's. Though we are working on local level but with high spirits and determinative ideas. God bless us! Thanks zameer ul hassan

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by Samya Moitre associaqtion [NGO]
3 Apr 2013
We, the indigenous led organization " Shantinibas Agrani Kalyan Samiti" SAKS tried to pre-register in tenth to twelfth Session of UNPFII, but, after formally log in there is no registration page on our NGO's page, we'll be thankful if your UNPFII manage to solve this problem. We have the hopes of sharing indigenous knowledge, skills and ideas with other parts of the indigenous communities by participating in the regular session of UNPFII.

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by Actions et interventions pour le développement et l'encadrement social [NGO]
3 Feb 2013
Je suis Fido KAKUMBWA de l'ONG Actions pour le Developement et l'Encadrment Social/AIDES nous avons postuler pour devenir membre en novembre 2012;notre docier peut etre traite en quelle periode.

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by Association Tondji International de Developpement [NGO]
28 Jul 2012
I am Tagne Theophile, president of Asssociation Tondji international de Developpement-TIDA based in Cameroon, I would to know to which address we can sumbit proposals on Ecosoc civil society network.
Thank you
Email:tidaumaniste@yahoo.fr, , Tel: 00237 99057334 in Cameroon

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by Comite National d'Action pour les Droits de l'Enfant et de la Femme [NGO]
20 Dec 2012
Hello, this is Anne from CADEF/AFRICA,
I believe that you have a consultative status with ECOSOC and would like a way to send your suggestions online... Well, if you log in as a user, you should be able to see the link saying "Contact NGO Branch " at the bottom of the home page. By clicking on it you will automatically be directed to a page where you can enter your information and write to ECOSOC. I hope this will help you to start if you are still finding the way. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013.

by Action pour la Valorisation des Ressources Ivoiriennes ( AVRI) [NGO]
23 Aug 2011
je suis mr ouattara bourahiman ivoirien resident en cote d,ivoire president d,une organisation denommer(ongavri),
action pour la valorisation des ressources ivoiriennes,
nous sommes inscrit aux nations unies pour le department ecosoc alors nous voulons participé aux different conferences ratacher au conseil des nations unies.
alors nous voulons les conditions merci pour la comprehension

mr:ouatara president
de ong avri

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by Child Care Consortium [NGO]
1 May 2011
1 May 2011
Dear sir/Madam,
NGO,Childcare consortium is willing to undertake specific studies or investigations or prepare specific papers for the Commission.
Please do Reply,
Author and Founder,
Childcare Consortium,
Plot no 79, 6 th street, Ramapuram, Chennai 600 089, India,
Tel: 91 44 22493365 E MAIL: a_karuna@live.com

¿NGO is in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations ¿

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by Actions communautaires pour le développement integral [NGO]
15 Sep 2015
Je suis ILUTA ENGAMBI Claude, Président de l'Ong Actions communautaires pour le developpement intégral basée en RDC et membre de ECOSOC; mon soucci est de demander comment nous inscrire aux differentes reunions des commissions de ECOSOC car nous avons du mal à nous inscrire, surtout que les seuls forum qui sont informés au site de ESANGO sont ceux de NEW YORK.
Quelcun peut nous aider à ce sujet.

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