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3. UN Programmes and Funds

NGOs interact with the United Nations programmes and funds in a number of different ways. Some of the activities include information dissemination, awareness raising, policy advocacy, joint operational projects, and providing technical expertise, among other things. Formal interaction and consultation between NGOs and the United Nations are governed by the United Nations Charter and other related UN documents.
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NGOs interact with the United Nations programmes and funds in a number of different ways. Some of the activities include information dissemination, awareness raising, policy advocacy, joint operational projects, and providing technical expertise, among other things. Formal interaction and consultation between NGOs and the United Nations are governed by the United Nations Charter and other related UN documents.

In this section provides information on some of the UN Funds and Programmes, focusing on those whose work is closely related with developing partnerships with civil society.


The United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF) finances projects that build and strengthen democratic institutions, promote human rights, and ensure the participation of all groups in democratic processes. The Fund provides assistance to governmental, non-governmental, national, regional, and international organizations, including relevant United Nations departments, offices, funds, programmes and agencies to build capacities for democratic governance, especially at the country level.
To learn more about UNDEF projects and application requirements, please, go to:


The United Nations Children's Fundá(UNICEF) provides long-termáhumanitarianáand developmental assistance toáchildrenáandámothersáinádeveloping countries.
Collaboration with energetic and diverse networks of non-governmental institutions at global, regional, national and community level has long been a hallmark of UNICEF┐s work. It has also been a source of UNICEF┐s strength, as the wide and diverse network of our partners multiplies the impact of our efforts. Currently, UNICEF has formal agreements with hundreds of NGOs and individual leaders in 160 countries around the world, ranging from large networks such as the Save the Children Alliance to village water committees.
With advances in communication technology, there are many new opportunities for involving an increasingly wide range of not-for-profit organizations and movements in theáGlobal Movement for Children, a collective worldwide force ┐ for and with children ┐ devoted to creating a world fit for children.á UNICEF and NGOs are able to share data and lessons learned in promoting respect for children's rights to health, education, equality and protection.
To learn more about UNICEF, please, visit their web-site: http://www.unicef.org/

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by Somali Youth Development Foundation (SYDF) [NGO]
25 Aug 2017
SOMALI YOUTH DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION (SYDF) is one the lyouth alliance of Somalia-based with More than 300 members working in youth developments; Members are locally-based and secular, large focusing on the Poor and vulnerable populations while bridging the gap between the elders and the youth for peace, security, safety, Harmony and development.

As you know, we are a team of professionals have a mandate to operate Both Somalia and Kenya with the following Registration Number: Ref.2015/0107-B in Somalia,OP.218/051/13-004/8675 Kenya with a proven track record in both countries.

For further details of SYDF Projects in the UNOCHA online project System SYDF has 4 projects which was published and one of them was under nutrition cluster.

Kindly see the below links for further information about the published SYDF project Pre-famine scale up:
1. Nutrition project : https://ops.unocha.org/Reports/daily/CAPProjectSheet_528_109991_2017516.pdf
2. Protections projects : https://ops.unocha.org/Reports/daily/CAPProjectSheet_528_97412_2017516.pdf
3. : https://ops.unocha.org/Reports/daily/CAPProjectSheet_528_110073_2017516.pdf
4.NFIs/Shelter project : https://ops.unocha.org/Reports/daily/CAPProjectSheet_528_110206_2017516.pdf

Waiting your support and help inline the above named project .
The SHF recommended us to look eligible partners (New partners that wish to receive SHF funds are strongly encouraged to partner with other eligible organizations (to receive indirect SHF funding); and to continue engaging closely within their respective clusters.)

Let us know more about or possibility to get such this funds through SHF and how possible to discuss this issue further since we want to implement such project and to partner with you through (indirect SHF funding) via UNICEF .

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by Nation Builders Organisation [NGO]
5 Jul 2017
NATION BUILDERS ORGANISATION (with consultative status with United Nations Economic and Social Affairs Department) is built based on the validity of what human minds can achieve when properly channeled and utilized in a growing nation like ours. It was founded on the sole aim of nation building, which is her citizens: Them understanding fully that our future and that of this great nation depends on its youth.
Set to inspire, motivate and re-educate: building role models worthy of emulation, giving this generation a first-class mentality, making them think positively, proactively and harnessing their God given potential RIGHTLY. Realizing that the future we strive for, starts now, we are doing our best to make a change. Most of us wish the world was a better place. Poverty, corruption, famine, terror and war that our world is plagued with today all have answers.
Nation Builders Organisation is popularly known for its conferences such as the African Originality Conference, Maximize life Conference, The Future National Conference and always with a minimum of 5,000 participants in attendance in each of her conferences.
We believe in a more successful society, a more reliable leadership, a more sustainable government, a future we can all look forward to, a life we can afford to stake our lives and that of our children, just to see come true. Thus, building a happier world, where people can be fulfilled as individuals, playing constructive roles in their various societies.
Ayanlola Ayanyimika,
Nation Builders Organisation.
+234 9090105583

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by Deshabandu C J Dissanayake Charity [NGO]
20 Jun 2017
We are recently joint with UN n acting as NGO, like to handle social development programms with in officials in UN.
Dechabandu Chaminda Janapriya Dissanayake
Founder/ Managing Director
Deshabandu C J Dissanayake charity
# 335, Avissawella Road, Kotikawatta, Angoda. Sri Lanka.
Tel: +94767734635, 777734635
E mail: dcjdcharity@outlook.com
Web: http//www.dcjdcharity.org

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by Biafra [NGO]
7 May 2017
Jesmion Ibekwe, a reprepresantive of Biafra. Jesmion Ibekwe is an Alzheimer' advocate. you can reach me on Tel: +2348036305824 Email: biafranedu@yahoo.com

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by Woodberry & Associates [NGO]
17 Aug 2013
Regular webinars and or telephone conferences would be a wonderful way to keep NGOs and UN officials in touch. We will gladly provide the vehicle if there is an interest. Contact me, Woodberry & Associates 843 410 3345 or at Leownaconsulting@gmail.com

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by Child Care Consortium [NGO]
7 May 2011
A wall hanging bearing the message of Peace Manifesto is pending due to lack of funds to produce, sell and support UNICEF and Youth organizations around the world. All are welcome to do this wall hanging project in obtaining the copyright. The broader stakeholders are welcome to support UNICEF morally and monetarily.
Send your requests immediately to get the copyright on six UN languages.
Author and Founder,
Childcare Consortium,
Plot no 79, 6 th street, Ramapuram, Chennai 600 089, India,
Tel: 91 44 22493365 E MAIL: a_karuna@live.com
┐NGO is in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations ┐

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by Kawish Resource Center [NGO]
10 Dec 2015
Kawish Resource Center is an advocacy, relief and development organization working for social development of vulnerable and less developed communities. Kawish Resource Center is committed to establishing caring,
sharing and loving society, where all human being can access to resource and live with dignity, non-discrimination and effective participation by providing human and financial resource to vulnerable communities to live prosperous life. Kawish Resource Centerĺs work covers a broad scale of issues and prioritizes i.e. children protection, education, health and HIV and AIDS, human rights focusing to LGBTI rights, conflict transformation and peace building, youth and women development. we are interested to Partnership in this project please let me know what you can do.

by Institute of Inter-Balkan Relations [NGO]
5 Feb 2012
Hello Child Care Consortium : We are a UN related agency that would like to post information with regards to your Peace Manifesto. Please send us a link that we can post details on our website. Thank you

G Galanis

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