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Request to be heard at the 2012 ECOSOC High-Level Segment

The NGO Branch of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs is pleased to announce an open call for oral statements for the 2012 ECOSOC High Level Segment (HLS) for NGOs in ECOSOC consultative status. The HLS will include sessions on the Annual Ministerial Review (AMR).

The theme for the AMR segment this year will focus on "Promoting productive capacity, employment and decent work to eradicate poverty in the context of inclusive, sustainable and equitable economic growth at all levels for achieving the MDGs". The HLS will be held on 2-9 July 2012 at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

In accordance with ECOSOC resolution 1996/31 and at the recommendation of ECOSOC Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations with approval of ECOSOC, organizations in general and special consultative status are encouraged to make oral presentations to the Council.

Please note that while all NGOs in consultative status are invited to attend to this event, the United Nations will not provide financial assistance for travel and/or accommodation expenses of the NGO Representatives. Due to a high volume of organizations requesting to speak at the event, we are unable to guarantee your participation. The authority to decide on the list of speakers will be vested in the President of ECOSOC.

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by Jesmion [NGO]
8 Mar 2017
Thanks, we have a vision to share,

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by Federation Europeenne des Centres de Recherche et d'Information sur le Sectarisme (FECRIS) [NGO]
5 Apr 2012
In order to achieve the equitable and sustainable economic growth each citizen aspires to and working toward eradicating poverty. It is important to protect the rights with dignity and provide just governance also establishing supportive policies, especially towards those who are most vulnerable. The very young and the elderly are most vulnerable to abuses and need protection from deceptive cultic organizations that deprive them of the needed resources each citizen requires to achieve their full potential. Many idealistic students are diverted from gainful career paths into virtual slave labor due to destructive cult groups exploiting their members financially. When mutual accountability and transparency is required from deceptive cults who conceal their financial fraud from proper authority. FECRIS is committed to quality education to provide illumination where needed to address these inequities.

It is important to note with the first International Criminal Court verdict and conviction of Thomas Lubanga in 2012. The 2005 ICC warrant for fugitive cult leader Joseph Kony of the Lord┐s Resistance Army who had parallel criminal charges including child soldiers and female sex slaves. Their violation of the MDGs, DCF, IADG resolutions and recommendations is characteristic of many destructive sects. The economic hardships were so severe that the ICC had to develop the first legal international reparations to compensate the victims. Member state countries provide their resources instead of the cults who gained much of their income from their members through fraud with donated or required labor. Finances obtained through criminal conduct could be resourced through reparation requirements because the financial fraud of totalitarian cults and return some finances through legal sanctions and even pain and suffering compensation for the harm caused by the perpetrators.
David G Clark, New York FECRIS main representative

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by Federation Europeenne des Centres de Recherche et d'Information sur le Sectarisme (FECRIS) [NGO]
5 Apr 2012
It should be kept in mind that most older members of destructive cults lack retirement benefits from their organization. This has been observed for more than several decades and many younger members also have low salaries and lack social protection. Governments around the world -- again are put in the position providing aid and assistance. True accountability would alleviate so many problems and provide solutions.
Respectfully submitted,
David Glenn Clark, FECRIS New York main representative

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