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Counter Trafficking Women Forum( CTWF)
Posted on 24 May 2010 by:

Location: In 182 Unions under Khulna Division of Bangladesh

Topic: Human Rights

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Counter Trafficking Women┐s Forum (CTWF) comprised of 15 female members including 3 female UP members, 3 female teachers, 3 female college students, 3 Ansar and VDP members, and 3 housewife/social workers will be formed.
Methodology used
A total of 30 persons : 15 male 15 female are trained for 3 days. At the end of the training the women forum is formed consisting of 15 women who work as the watch dog in the community to reduce human rights violation including human trafficking
Techniques and strategies used
The forum functions having support from the civil society and government entity under the guidance of Rights Jessore
Implementation methodologies
 Conduct courtyard meetings with the members of the community to raise awareness on human trafficking including its purpose, mode of operation, and demand and supply issue of trafficking
 Act as a watchdog in the community-monitoring trafficking cases, keeping records of missing, kidnapped and trafficked women and children in the community and assisting Rights Jessore, network NGOs, local administration and the community to take action when needed.
 Conduct School Campaigns with teachers and students at union level to raise their awareness about trafficking
 Provide information on trafficking incidents to Rights Jessore and network NGOs through the Hotline and also assist RJ and network NGOs during fact finding of the cases of trafficked, missing and kidnapped women and children in the community
 Maintain records ad information on trafficking, missing and kidnapped women and children as suggested by Rights Jessore
What is innovative about this approach/tool/project?
This is innovative because it ensure-
Women participation
Women Empowerment
Help positive change in the community
Evidence of results and impact
For this innovation the Executive Director of Rights Jessore was awrded by AUGFUND in 2007
Costs associated with project development and/or implementation
It is done at the minimum cost which cover 3 days training cost with training materials support . Then another two days refreshers training for selected forum members. And very small stipend for their transportation cost to take part in organizing workshops, courtyards sessions or school programs for mass awareness.
Additional Information
please visit:

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