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High-level meeting of the General Assembly on disability and development, 23 September 2013

The General Assembly resolution 66/124 invites the President of the General Assembly, following appropriate consultations with Member States, to draw up a list of representatives of other non governmental organizations, organizations of persons with disabilities, relevant civil society organizations and the private sector who might participate in the High level Meeting, taking into account the principle of equitable geographical representation, and to submit the list to Member States for consideration on a no objection basis and bring to the attention of the Assembly the finalized list.

NGO Pre-registration Process

The deadline for pre-registration was 1 July 2013. Pre-registration has now closed.

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by The International Center for Strategic Studies and Human Rights [NGO]
13 Sep 2013
The International Center for Strategic Studies and Human Rights..
We stand with all the organizations in the world that care about people with disabilities because they are part of society and have the right to the enjoyment of all human rights....

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by Fondaion Objectif Devellopement et Lutte Contre la PauvretÚ [NGO]
1 Jul 2013
this is good initiative

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by Challenge your Disability Initiative [NGO]
28 Jun 2013
We are looking forward to participate in this forum. Over the years, persons with disabilities (PWDs) rights have been trampled on by people who are suppose to protect them especially in developing countries. We hope that this forum will be an avenue to address some of the disparities and neglect being experienced by PWDs all over the world.

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by ECCO2 Corp [NGO]
28 Jun 2013
My associates and I are looking forward to participating.in General Assembly meeting this fall season.

H.E. Cary Lee Peterson, Goodwill Ambassador,
CEO-CHairman for RVPlus, Inc. (holding company of ECCO2 Tech),
President for ECCO2 Corp,
Director for Centre for Climate Change and Environmental Studies (ECOSOC)

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by Zimbabwe United Nations Association [NGO]
13 Jun 2013
This is a good initiative, we should discuss issues pertaining disabilities and development at this High Level Meeting of the General Assembly. Zimbabwe United Nations Association (ZUNA) will participate at this important UN Conference in September.

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