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Accreditation questionnaire for high-level dialogue on the Improving the coordination of efforts against trafficking in persons, 13 May 2013

In accordance with paragraph 9 of GA resolution 67/260, the President of the General Assembly is requested to draw up a list of representatives of relevant non-governmental organizations not in consultative status with ECOSOC, civil society organizations, the private sector and the media active in combating trafficking in persons, taking into account the principle of transparency and the principle of equitable geographical representation, and to submit the proposed list to Member States for their consideration on a non-objection basis and to bring the list to the attention of the General Assembly.

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The questionnaire is now closed.

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by ECCO2 Corp [NGO]
13 May 2013
As a US citizen and employer I can acknowledge the importance of today's meeting. There is a string of economic dismay that is blamed on human trafficking and illegal immigrants. Whereas, we (perhaps) bypass the core elements of why an opportunist would pursue such a venture in the first place and why our governments approve or disapprove of such acts. Human trafficking is probably one of the oldest trades since the beginning of human civilization. Is there truly a general methodology to what is humane and what is not, or are we simply aiming at a lost cause due to culture, economics, and religion? I am open to feedback following today's delegations and discussions.

H.E. Cary Lee Peterson, Amb. ALGW
President for ECCO2 Corp,
Director for Centre for Climate Change and Environmental Studies

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