International Federation of Agricultural Producers
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Department of Public Information (DPI) Association, [NGO]

Via Aurora 39, 00187, Rome

About us
The association's mission is to bring together national agricultural producer organisations and national cooperative organisations of agricultural producers to create policies and advocate on their behalf to improve the economic and social conditions of their producers, families and communities. In particular, the association pursues the following objectives: - improve farmers' livelihoods and the viability of rural communities around the world; contribute to global food security by facilitating cooperation between the associated organisations; facilitate the organisation of agricultural producers and enable them to improve their position in the food supply chain; promote and protect other agriculture-related activities, such as forestry, aquaculture, environment, trade, research, and eduction; encourage farmers' involvement in sustainable rural development, the environment, and new emerging challenges, such as climate change and the renewal of generations; and improve farmers' access to natural resources and address productivity improvements.

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Quadrennial Reports
Covering the period 2003 - 2006
E/C.2/1997/2 Covering the period 1992 - 1995

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