Forum Azzahrae pour la Femme Marocaine
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IMM 48, 2ème étage, Rue Zenzibar

About us
Forum Azzahrae of Moroccan Women (FAMW) is a non-governmental organisation, non-profit, self-oriented cultural and women's rights The FAMW work for the cause of women and families to achieve the slogan: Honored Woman - Consolidated Family- Sustainable Development The Forum works to develop a renewing vision for the woman and family, he defends the rights of woman and struggle for the improvement of educational and cultural level of women and enhancing their representation in elected bodies, the FAMW also works for the consolidation of family structure The FAMW could compose an associative network gathered 38 women's associations working in the fields of education of rural girls, creating a listening center and family assistances, elaboration of small projects income for poor women,… The FAMW mobilized for capacity building of these associations through its project : "Center Azzahrae for the qualification of women's associations "

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Quadrennial Reports
Covering the period 2011 - 2014

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