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The mission of our organization is to endeavour to ensure that the human rights of all people in INDIA are fully realised and protected, in law, in policy and in practice. The Council will pursue its objectives vigorously and independently. It will do its best to ensure that Indian law is practiced to its highest standards by measuring our law and practice against the standards set out in the Constitution and in international human rights agreements to which India is a party. Where the Council believes human rights are not being adequately protected, it will say so clearly and strongly, and will actively seek/demand for a change in the law, policy or practice concerned. In carrying out its functions, the Council will operate in an independent, fair, open, accessible and accountable manner and will seek to use to the full the powers conferred upon it. The Council will seek to increase awareness of human rights protections and how to access them, striving to create a strong, pervasive culture of human rights at all levels within the States of India. The Council will work closely and, where appropriate, collaboratively with statutory bodies, Government Departments, non-governmental organizations and all involved in human rights issues. The Council will work and co-operate closely too with,the United Nations(UN)and NGO's to endeavour to ensure a high standard of human rights protection.

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