Modern Advocacy, Humanitarian, Social and Rehabilitation Association
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NGO in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), [NGO]

Former mezam national hotel building suite 330

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Mission Statement - Advocacy (Human Rights) • Give priority to addressing the most pressing Human rights violations, both acute and chronic and particularly those that put life in imminent peril; • Focus attention on those who are at risk and vulnerable on multiple fronts; • Promote and pay attention to the realization of civil, cultural, economical, political, social rights including the rights to both physical and mental development; there by raising the voices of the marginalized. • Empower groups on capacity building to enhance sustenance and objective focus. • Measure the impacts of its substantive benefits realized through it. - Humanitarian work/Philanthropy • Give priority assistance to the most needy and vulnerable groups of persons in the society such as the PLWHA, Orphans, Disabled and the condemned. • Financing and promoting local and small scaled philanthropic gestures of other organizations. • Encouraging both formal and informal education for the OVC and the less privileged. • Carrying out statistics and substantive measures of the benefits realized through it. - Social Domain • Give priority sponsorships to works of arts that encourage Human rights, Philanthropic actions and positive initiatives on circular and general education. • Build and encourage the organizational and functional capacities of socio-cultural groups. • Encourage and promote media programs that serve in realizing PEACE, RESPECT and HEALTH for all. • Discourage publications and media programs contrary to the respect of basic Human rights and good morals. • Measure the impacts of the substantive benefits realized through its social initiatives. - Rehabilitation • Give priority, concern and assistance to the construction of Orphanage homes, Disable and handicraft centers and provision of better accommodation facilities for prisons. • Promote and market handworks of Disabled and other inmates. • Encourage educational institutions to extend their teaching and moral programs to the rehabilitation and correctional centers. • Ensure that the impacts and substantive benefits realized through the rehabilitation initiatives positively reanimate the lives of the concerned. - Economic • Promote and assist grassroots economic and life subsistence and sustainable initiatives of the less privileged and the most vulnerable groups such as OVC, PLWHA and Handicaps. • Build stable and functional partnerships with the grassroots and other local community socio-cultural groups and associations in line to train, assist and nurture the group leaders to adopt specific policies that positively direct and guides their members towards self reliance and self development activities. • Accommodate and improve on innovative fabrications that promote low income generative activities so as to rise up the socioeconomic importance of the common man. • Measure the impacts and substantive benefits realized and also ensure a stronger national and governmental reaction to the economic plea of the most vulnerable groups and the marginalized.

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Covering the period 2013 - 2016

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