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NGO in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), [NGO]

Ahmad Javad 7A, Yasamal dist., Baku, Azerbaijan, AZ 1138

About us
Umid's mission is to foster solution of social, economic and education problems of vulnerable people. We try to build the capacity of the community based groups and newly established NGOs to ensure their self-reliance and sustainability; and to develop participation and cooperation levels among institutions, networks and entrepreneurship institutions. We also strive to provide accurate, comprehensive studies and information regarding Civil Society, its programs and activities that will be available for all. Our main goals are: -To expand economic and employment opportunities via delivery of BDS (training, consultation, mentoring and coaching), apprenticeship activities,credit linkage activities and networking; - To inspire target communities to ensure their self-sufficiency via developing them to initiate solutions for addressing their social, educational and economic needs; - To increase community literacy via involving them to educative and awareness raising activities; - To ensure development of formal and informal institutions via enhancing their organizational, institutional and managerial capacities through sustainable and professional technical assistance; - To assist institutions and communities to become transparent, participatory, responsible and self sustaining.

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Quadrennial Reports
Covering the period 2011 - 2014

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