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About us
The Global Partnership for Local Action, was registered in Austria for more than six years. The organization take strong stands on climate change challenges pertaining to developing countries, such as how to industrialize based on green electricity (RE) , how to rehabilitate (use energy efficient equipment and energy management standards best practice),the current SMEs industries for income generating activities, employment opportunities and reduction of energy-thus reduction of CO2 emission, how to build resilience… how to build smart partnership for addressing the challenges, and implementing projects, with clear tracking records for assessment of impacts on the ground, women empowerment, energy, education, peace and security, climate change partnership, industrialization etc. Beside the focus on building capacity whether its institutional capacity for public sector, private sector or communities and local NGOs. The organization is also working on how the world can build peace with the Petroleum products/services e.g power stations which currently operate and can't be demolished to make it contributing to green economy. Responsibility to protect and act but responsibility to make actions and change happening, is our aim globally, regionally and locally I also have some activities pertaining to the establishment/building of Peace and resolving conflicts as well as women issues in Afro Islamic societies.. I do believe that "NO Peace, No development" . It seems in Rio, the women issues have fallen between the chairs and we need to bring it back to make it as a cross cutting issue such as energy .. as there is no need for energy to be one of the MDGs as its a cross cutting matter.. So a lot o do but we have to focus and build partnership to advance and make impact.

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