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FOUNDATION HAITELMEX: The association of which I am president since 2007 and has been SOCIAL: Centre for Educational social worker rehabilitation) .In addition activities such as: WE DO TO PROMOTE DEVELOPMENT, CULTURE UNIVERSAL HEALTH, EDUCATION, SPORT AND ECOLOGY to raise the standard of living of the population Offering training programs related to the personal and collective capacity development) FOREWORD In order to contribute to the protection of the environment, to raise awareness of the dangers brought by the degradation of the environment and to work on collaborative projects on health, education, ecology, culture, and social innovation Entrepreneur and then in cooperation with the low-income producers to improve their economies to move to sustainable development. SOLIDARITY IN ATTENDANCE: GROUPS OF PRIORITY HEALTH CARE: A. marginalized communities and indigenous peoples. B. The development of women C. Protect the rights of children D. Vulnerable Groups (HIV AIDS, immigrants, victims of violence, etc.) E. Vulnerable groups by age, sex or disability. SEAT CURRENT Found in Mexico City, representative in North America, the Caribbean and in collaboration with other organization in Africa. WHAT IS THE PRESENCE AND DESCRIPTION! We are an organization: development aid for education, health, sports, the universal culture, social justice and agriculture. TASK THAT WE DEVELOP Every day gives us great satisfaction. The foundation Haitelmex bear the difficult social responsibility in Mexico and through our national and international representative. MISSION: Effectively orchestra ongoing programs for creating high impact, national coverage, which will help resolve the deep social inequalities that have limited the development of our country and improve the quality of life of what a Mexican and our branch International- VISION. Contribute to the development of Mexico in relation to the national branch abroad through programs of education, health, nutrition, social justice, culture, human development, sports and relief disaster, producing appropriate opportunities that make the integral development through a better country. OBJECTIVES: The foundation aims to contribute to the analysis of the challenges of globalization, contribute to peace and economic trade transparency through participation in public policy development and promotion of strategic research. VALUES: With the basics this weekend will be: To develop tools and methods for the analysis of economic intelligence policy, the work of agencies and institutions working in the field of forecasting and research, forms of cooperation and support between the government and operators. Search For. Donation to extend the national and international community projects. Distribution by any means to the national and international social policy and administration, media and partnerships, and practical issues of economic, legal, commercial, financial, scientific or technological affecting the global economy.

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