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Maka Mukrrama street.

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Background Information of EACI A brief history of the organization EAST AFRIACA CONSORTIUM INTERNATIONAL came into being as a result of 8 iron Somali women who were the core founders of GEN.DAUD UNION and later renamed it EACI, to include many women umbrellas who nursed the same vision. EACI, is a non-profitable, non-religious, non-partisan, community based indigenous humanitarian consortium comprising of 265 women members umbrellas, intellectuals, elders, women entrepreneurs, and dynamic youth groups. Its establishment came as result of the urgent and dire pressing needs in which Somalia, the country was going through shortly after the bloody civil war that displaced thousands of innocent people among them women and children. Needless to say EACI has played a key role extending a hand of support to those most vulnerable sections of the community regardless of their tribe, clan, sub-clan, geo-political orientation and belief.

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