World Canaan Farmers' Movement
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Yeonbongjeong-gil 5, Sillim-myeon, Wonjo-si

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Aiming to produce model communities of poverty eradication based on mindset transformation and to raise leaders who would practice and live out the changed mindset, the Canaan Farmers' School movement played a crucial role since established in 1931. It taught national pride to the Korea public, stimulating them to work for poverty eradication through agriculture. The movement later evolved into a social movement, encompassing every aspect of life, especially through practical vocational training. It was also adapted as the role model for New Village Movement (Saemaeul Undong) Education. Now, overseas Canaan Farmers' School branches have been set up around the world. The education of Canaan Farmers' School focuses on the changes in trainees’ mindset, attitude and lifestyle. in this regard, its education goes on very strong and demands more disciplined way of living of trainees.

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