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The Institute of Noahide Code INC proposes a strategic alliance with the United Nations post 2030 agenda to promote the codification into national legislation of the United Nations resolutions on the culture of peace, environmental ethics and social justice. The Institute of Noahide Code recruits parliamentarians from all United Nations member states who share the goal of implementing these United Nations resolutions into national legislation by providing model draft legislation, initiating workshops and conferences and creating alliances with religious leaders, media and academic leaders and business executives who support and supplement the legislation by teaching, publicizing and putting into practice the "global ethics" inherent in these United Nations Resolutions. It is proposed that the strategic alliance with the United Nations be expressed through the filing of the relevant national legislation and parliamentary sponsor in the data base of the Department of Legal Affairs in the office of the basis for international law, serves to inspire the codification, legislation and implementation of these global ethics which are inscribed in contemporary society by the United Nations.United Nations Secretary General and an annual assembly on LEGISLATING FOR GLOBAL ETHICS to be held at the UN General Assembly to report and encourage further progress towards this goal. The Noahide Code, which, according to Hugo Grotius, forms the base of international law. The project of The Institute of Noahide Code addresses the root causes which affect the development of peace and democracy worldwide. Nowadays, in a war-torn world like the one we are living, the need of a universally accepted code among the nations is vital to bring peace to countries and communities in conflict, but also in the everyday life of each individual.

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Covering the period 2011 - 2014

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