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"16th Session of the Committee of Experts on Public Administration (CEPA) - ECOSOC Accredited NGOs"
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From the perspective of a non-governmental organization Imam Ali Popular Student Relief Society (IAPSRS), the poor and marginalized population are the most deserving people in community to receive and access to public services; however, unfortunately making policies in the field of public services, including schools, libraries, hospitals and medical centers have always been unequal for these segments of people and they have the least interests in public services.
Based on 18 years IAPSRS activities in deprived and underprivileged areas, unfortunately there is not an integrated and fundamentally approach in the field of poverty eradication there, and in the absence of having a holistic view of the issue, it has been seen the problem of poverty in the community is expanding every day. Therefore, having accurate goals and comprehensive programs in order to combat poverty in governmental policy-making is more than a necessity.
One of the fundamental steps population IAPSRS has taken in order to identify the reasons of poverty in slum settlements, is having continuous presence in these areas and identifying problems with designing supportive measures in order to reduce the causes of poverty based on psychological and cultural needs of residents in those areas. Also providing comprehensive report on the problems and deficiencies ,and developing solutions with demanding government in the form of meetings and numerous seminars are the next steps we follow to draw the attention of the public as well as policymakers.
Iranian Houses is a unique model of community-based program implemented by IAPSRS in the context of poverty eradication. Iranian Houses are supportive centers trying resolve familiesĺ problems (especially children and mothers) with having a well-rounded view about the problems.
Our volunteers are work cohesive with together in different teams including educational, artistic, social works and healthcare in order to increase the empowerment of families. We have developed Science Houses to educate children in many fields to flourish their talent and return them to formal educating system. Also in Employment Houses we are trying to provide mothers and children with vocational training and arts in order empower them and help them be economically independent.
IAPSRS as and experienced organization suggest the following actions for eradicating poverty in developing societies:

ĽPublic sectors and institutions needs to have a fundamental and radical view about the concept of poverty.
ĽIn making governmental policies deprived people needs to be considered.
ĽPublic services and sources needs to be accessible in remote villages and rural areas, and divided equally between different regions of the country.

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