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The content of education programs for out of school children

Perhaps Education is the most important item of MDGs list which is somehow related with other items, since for achieving each of the goals, it is necessary to improve or redesign educational infrastructure of target groups.

Our experience dealing with out of school poor children shows that the content of educational programs should be designed in a special fashion due to many social traumas caused mainly by poverty.

Many of these children never had had the opportunity to attend any educational environment or classroom, and it is quite possible that we may not have enough chance to educate these children for a long time because of poverty.

The vast majority of these children lack even some primitive skills that they usually should have learned in family atmosphere, the family condition, where they live -such as slums and ghettos and poor areas- and their life style are very hard to change due to institutionalization of "poverty culture". So children participation in these classrooms will not be continued rather discrete or abandoned.

Moreover many parts of formal education seem to have very little application for these kids. In contrary, the educational program should focus on development of life skills, learning self-defense skills against violence, child abuse, rape, exploitation of older, health and personal hygiene, preventing AIDS and on top of these, psychological, physical and mental health of affected children. Classes such as Art therapy, professional training, emphasizing on some kinds of sports and techniques for psychological balance and calmness.

Special text books should also be devised for these kids. It is worthwhile to mention that utilization and use of some of these trained children as assistant of the teachers for training the new coming depredated children could help effectively in preservation of these people.

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