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"2013 ECOSOC High-Level Segment"
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The Role of Religious or National Rituals in fascinating achievement of MDGs

Experience of more than 10 years of activity as an NGO in Iran, shows that you can find a shortcut in achieving development goals.You can destroy a building wholly and construct it again,or apply your desired changes gradually on existing building, this is an example of working with different human societies when your goal is sustainable development. Your success is guaranteed when you are familiar with the culture of natives, respect their culture and use their rituals in line with your target.

Some successful practices of this NGO validate this assumption.

In Iran as a Muslim country and as a country with ancient civilization,we have many religious and national events over a year. As an NGO we have install most of our projects on this rituals and present new reading of these rituals accordance with the need of today society.For example we establish a program of making food security for children with malnutrition in "Ghadr Nights" in Ramadan which Muslim believe that their destiny for a year is determined in. We also represent a projec t"Safaye Say" for Haj pilgrimage with inspiration from a part of this pilgrimage which is about Abraham's wife searching for water for her child in desert. This is a program for supporting widows who want to save their children. And in Iran we have Nowrooz,celebration of new year. We have the project for supporting orphan children in that vacations. People understand project and plans which is in the word of their culture, more and show more sympathy. NGOs can explain them the problems and issues in the cover rituals and they can define new meanings for old ceremonies.

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