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"The Need for Skilled Healthcare Providers in 2015 and beyond"
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It is a startling and sobering fact that in 2014, every minute of every day, a woman dies in pregnancy and childbirth somewhere in the world. The Womenĺs Health and Education Center (WHEC) aims to improve womenĺs health through education and advocacy, particularly in developing countries. WomensHealthSection.com, launched in cooperation with the United Nations, provides information on everyday issues associated with womenĺs health. This e-learning initiative is active in 226 countries.

Healthcare providers usually have interest or passion in a global issue or a region of the world. Preparing the next generation of healthcare providers in the international arena, deepening their knowledge and improving the skill set for a career in Global Health and Global Governance is needed. The programs expose healthcare providers to both academic training and practical knowledge necessary to develop a career trajectory that will focus healthcare providersĺ passion and actualize their desire to have an impact on national and international healthcare policies. The program is building the capacity to care.

In 2006, Women's Health and Education Center (WHEC) began developing scientifically-based practice guidelines "Practice Bulletins" to improve maternal health. The guidelines are derived from the best available evidence of clinical efficacy and consideration of costs, with recommendations explicitly linked to the evidence. These evidence-based practice guidelines are intended to be a means of improving the quality of healthcare, decreasing its cost, and diminishing professional liability. They are proscriptive in nature and, therefore, directive in approach. Our physician's board identifies, evaluates, and synthesizes evidence from the medical literature to produce practice guidelines. It is provided to serve as a readily available introduction to and overview of the topic.

WomensHealthSection.com is designed as a resource for healthcare providers and the general public to offer a better understanding of reproductive health and cultural understanding. The articles in e-learning publication WomensHealthSection.com provide an overview of current clinical management guidelines in Women's Health, focusing on the components integral to providing optimum care. The articles are designed for all members of the interdisciplinary team: physicians, physician-assistants, nurse practitioners, midwives, nurses, social workers, therapists and other members seeking to enhance their knowledge of women's health and appropriate care and management.

WomensHealthSection.com is a vision for the globalized world. The use of information science and telecommunications to support the practice of medicine when distance separates the caregiver from the patient is the way forward to make medical care more affordable and more accessible in every country.

International development has moved beyond charity. It has reached a new, globally competitive stage, bringing with it enormous strategic and economic implications for all the nations and citizens of the world in the years ahead.

The challenge and opportunity are hereů. let us make every mother and child count!

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