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"2014 ECOSOC High-Level Segment Open Call for Oral and Written Statements"
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Imam Ali Organization is an NGO with a national and international scope and its origin from Iran. In brief the NGO fo on sustainable development issues. and implement many projects all over Iran which are along MDGs.

The NGO's activities include:
1-Recognition of the many people exposed to extreme poverty and hunger all over Iran and creating free nutrition programs for more than 1000 children and their families in Tehran and seven other cities in Iran. The NGO also sent food packages to more than 10000 families during the year .
2-Maintaining 14 centers all over Iran for out-of-school children. These are unofficial schools called "Science Houses" which act as bridge for Iranian children returning to the official education system once they've overcome obstacles. These Science Houses are also places for Afghan refugees to have their children education, who have been denied access to the traditional schools.
3-Women empowerment programmes as a way to reduce poverty. This includes entrepreneurship projects such as weaving, tailoring, making food products for sale, as well as supporting literacy projects for illiterate mothers.
4-Providing children with free medical services to reduce child mortality and programmes for preventing child labor.
5-Implementing the programme "Madaraneh" (maternal)which is focused on pregnant mothers from poor regions, in jails, or who are homeless. This project provides them with food, supplements and pre-natal care. Almost 160 mothers are covered by this project and some of them are Afghan Refugees.
6-Drug and STD-screening of addicted mothers.
7-A project in cooperation with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) was to create environment-friendly bags for regular household use.
8-Incorporating more than 9000 volunteer members,mostly university students, to carry out programmes.

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