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"60th Session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW60)"
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Our global strategy to support UN Secretary Generalĺs initiative Every Woman Every Child to achieve gender equality, empowerment and health.

The right to life is a fundamental human right, implying not only the right to protection against arbitrary execution by the state but also the obligations of governments to foster the conditions essential for life and survival. The denial of women's human rights touches every aspect of women's lives. Rights violations occur whenever women are denied access to property or employment, face violence within their own homes or cannot claim fair representation within their government. In year 2000, the United Nations Human Rights Committee elaborated its General Comment on the equality of rights between men and women, which among other things, requires States to report their progress and to provide data on birth rates and on pregnancy and childbirth-related deaths of women. At a global level, maternal mortality was not recognized as a public-health concern until late in the 20th century. Every country in the world is now party to at least one human rights treaty that addresses health-related rights. This includes the right to health as well as other rights that relate to conditions necessary for health. Promoting and respecting, protecting and fulfilling human rights are inextricably linked: Violations or lack of attention to human rights can have serious health consequences (e.g. harmful traditional practices, slavery, torture and inhumane and degrading treatment, violence against women and children); Health policies and programs can promote or violate human rights in their design or implementation (e.g. freedom from discrimination, individual autonomy, rights to participation, privacy and information); Vulnerability to ill-health can be reduced by taking steps to respect, protect and fulfill human rights (e.g. freedom from discrimination on account of race, sex and gender roles, rights to health, food and nutrition, education, housing). Women's Health and Education Center and Womenĺs Health and Education Organization, Inc. are actively strengthening its role in providing technical, intellectual and political leadership in the field of health and human rights.

It is indeed my pleasure to submit to you the documents E/2014/NGO/53 and E/2015/NGO/2 recently published by the Economic and Social Council, and introduce our work. Our organization will support countries in their efforts to mobilize additional domestic and international resources required to scale up and sustain essential health services for women, children and adolescents.

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