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Published Statements
Statement submission is open for organizations accredited with:

  • ECOSOC Consultative Status - General
  • ECOSOC Consultative Status - Roster
  • ECOSOC Consultative Status - Special

Submission of statements should adhere to the following guidelines:
  • Deadline for submission of written statements is 15 November 2012. Statements sent by emails cannot be accepted.

  • Written statements should be submitted in one of the official languages of the United Nations (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, and Spanish). Organizations wishing to submit their statement in more than one official language must specify which language version is the original, and which other language versions are to be used as references for translation;

  • Statements by organizations in general consultative status with the Council should not exceed 2000 words; statements by organizations in special consultative status with the Council should not exceed 1500 words;

  • If the statement is supported by another NGO(s) in consultative status with the Council, a note to that effect should be added at the end of the document. The names of the NGOs should be in alphabetical order.

  • Incomprehensible and/or repetitive text will be deleted.

  • Footnotes should be avoided.

  • The start of a new paragraph should be indicated with a double line break; paragraphs of the statement should not be numbered.
Steps for submitting a written statement:
  1. We suggest that you prepare your statement in Microsoft Word or a similar application for text processing and save it on your PC. If you don't save it in advance, you might lose it later during submission, e.g. if your PC loses the connection to the online system. Once you have finalized your statement, copy-paste the final text from your document onto the statement submission page. Please note the online system removes formatting.

  2. Select the language of your submission.

  3. If this is a joint statement, please type the name of other NGO submitter(s) into the field "Search and add organization" and click "Search". The system will return a list of NGOs (in case you cannot find the NGO that you are looking for, try again to search for just a part of the NGO name). Click "Add" next to the NGO name that you want to designate as a joint submitter. Repeat this step to add more organizations.

  4. Click "Add" to submit your statement. From this point on, you will not be able to make changes to the statement. You will receive an email confirmation (This is not an automatic confirmation and may take up to a few days to be sent).
If you have questions concerning the submission of written statements to CSW57, please contact csw@unwomen.org.

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