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Published Statements
Statement submission is open for organizations accredited with:

  • ECOSOC Consultative Status - General
  • ECOSOC Consultative Status - Special

Only NGOs in General and Special Consultative Status with ECOSOC can submit written statements to the CSocD56 to be held from 29 January to 7 February 2018 at UN Headquarters in New York. The priority theme is: ôStrategies for the eradication of poverty to achieve sustainable development for allö.

Submission Deadline Is Now Closed.
You will be notified only if your statement has been accepted by 22 December 2017.

General Instructions for submitting written statements.

Submissions will be reviewed and accepted in the order they are received with attention the following criteria:

1. Written statements must adhere to the priority theme of the CSocD: ôStrategies for the eradication of poverty to achieve sustainable development for allö;
2. Joint submissions will be prioritized (i.e. submissions by multiple ECOSOC NGOs that adhere to all the criteria will be accepted before other submissions);
3. Written statements can be submitted in any of the 6 official UN languages (English/French/Spanish/Russian/Arabic/Chinese). Statements will be translated into the working languages of the UN (English/French/Spanish);
4. Written statement submitted by NGOs in general consultative status must not exceed 2,000 words (including official UN signage, approximately 50 words);
5. Written statement submitted by NGOs in special consultative status must not exceed 1500 words words (including official UN signage, approximately 50 words);
6. Only one individual written statement per organization can be submitted.

N.B. Joint submissions word limit will depend on the consultative status of individual NGOs. I.e If one or more NGOs are in General Consultative status the word limit will be 1900 words. If all NGOs are in Special Consultative Status then the word limit will be 1400.

Please note that approved written statements submitted to this session may be edited for coherency and may become available in the working languages of the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), in alignment with ECOSOC Resolution 1996/31 and will be posted on our website at: http://bit.ly/un-csocd56

Suggested guidelines for preparing statements:

* Paragraphs should not be numbered;
* Proof read and spell check;
* Ensure accurate facts and figures;
* Use UN terminology (http://unterm.un.org);
* Do not be critical of a UN Member State or Government leader/s;
* Do not make critical generalizations of a group or persons/countries/organizations;
* Avoid abbreviations and acronyms, as well as footnotes;
* Be clear and simple for greater advocacy impact;
* Highlight a key idea at the beginning of a paragraph;
* Avoid repeating information and ideas.

Suggested format of statement:

* Title of the statement and name of NGO submitting (Acronym in parentheses);
* Introduction, objective and purpose of statement;
* Overview of the issue as it relates to the work of the NGO;
* Specific examples of accomplishments by the NGO and remaining challenges;
* A way forward: expectations, specific recommendations;
* Closing sentence.

Special Guidelines for Submitting Joint Statements:

1. NGOs can co-sign as many joint statements with other organizations as they wish, with the agreement of all co-signers.
2. All organizations co-signing a joint statement must be in consultative status with ECOSOC (Special, General or Roster).

Title of Statement Submitted by
56th Session of the Commission for Social Development (CSocD56)

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