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2010 Shanghai World Expo; Summit Forum

Shanghai, China
18 November, 2010

The Summit Forum is of the highest rank among three types of forums. The Summit Forum will be the climax of the Expo forums as it provides a stage for large-scale discussion of global urbanization issues. The ┐Shanghai Declaration,┐ which is to be announced at the Summit Forum, will be a significant document of the Expo based on participants┐ understanding on global urban development. The ┐Shanghai Declaration┐ will be based on common willingness.

Linked to the core Expo theme of ┐Better City, Better Life,┐ the topic of the Summit Forum is recommended as ┐Urban Innovation and Sustainable Development,┐ which focuses on the key urban challenges confronting countries around the world. It is also based on the themes of past Expos and therefore enhances both the continuing value of the event and its long heritage.

The Summit Forum will be held at the Expo Centre by the end of October, 2010. It will take the form of conferences and sub-forums, accompanied by keynote speeches, round-table meetings, mini summits, group discussions, cocktail receptions, and visits in the Expo Site.

Up to 2,000 participants are estimated to attend the Summit Forum, including heads of state, ministers, mayors, Chinese government officials, the UN Secretary General, Commissioners General, and representatives of academic, business and media, as well as outstanding members of the younger generation.

Detailed Information
Date 18 November, 2010
Location Shanghai, China
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