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European Consultations on Sustainable Development Goals and the HLPF
28 May, 2014
European Consultations on Sustainable Development Goals and the HLPF- This is an all day event held in partnership with EESC and ECE to hear regional inputs on the focus area documents, and Major Groups position papers on the SDGs. The event will take place in Brussels, with more details on the even...

ECOSOC Integration Segment - Sustainable Urbanization
27 - 29 May, 2014
The first-ever Integration Segment of the Economic and Social Council will focus on ôsustainable urbanizationö. The Segment will demonstrate how urbanization can be an effective tool for the integration of economic, social and environmental dimensions of sustainable development.

Chair: H.E....

Regional Workshop on Production and Use of Vital Statistics: Applying Tools and Materials Available to Improve Vital Statistics
26 - 30 May, 2014
UN DESAĺs Statistics Division, in collaboration with the Statistical Institute for Asia and the Pacific (SIAP), a regional institution of the UNESCAP, and Statistics Korea, the national statistical authority of the Republic of Korea is organizing the Third Regional Workshop on Production and Use of ...

Launch of the World Economic Situation and Prospects as of mid-2014
22 May, 2014
The World Economic Situation and Prospects as of mid-2014 will be launched on 22 May. Published by UN DESAĺs Development Policy and Analysis Division, the WESP 2014 reports that the global economy is improving but remains vulnerable to new and old headwinds. Global economic growth is forecast to acc...

High-Level Event of the General Assembly ôContributions of North-South, South-South, Triangular Cooperation, and ICTs for Development to the implementation of the Post-2015 Development Agendaö
21 - 22 May, 2014
The high-level event will consist of one plenary and two interactive multi-stakeholder panel discussions. It will focus on mobilizing political commitment for the means of implementation and to promote the scaling-up of the impact of all forms of cooperation in the post-2015 development agenda. It a...

2014 Resumed Session, Committee on NGOs
19 - 28 May, 2014
The 2014 Resumed Session of the Committee on NGOs will take place from 19 to 28 May 2014. The session is expected to consider new applications for status by NGOs as well as applications deferred from earlier sessions. It will also review quadrennial reports of NGOs in general or special consultative...

International Day of Families
15 May, 2014
The theme of this yearĺs International Day is Families Matter for the Achievement of Development Goals. No doubt, a myriad of development goals, ranging from poverty and inequality reduction, education, maternal and child health require greater focus on families. Inter-generational transfer of pover...

Regional Workshop on Data Dissemination and Communication
13 - 15 May, 2014
The event is part of a global series of workshops on data dissemination and communication, with the purpose of providing a forum for sharing national practices and experiences in the dissemination of statistical data and metadata. The workshop will review emerging trends, innovative approaches and t...

Regional Seminar on International Trade Statistics: Implementation of recommendations
12 - 16 May, 2014
The seminar is organized jointly by the AUC and UN DESAĺs Statistics Division in collaboration with the African Development Bank (AfDB) and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) with the objective to strengthen the capacity of the national statistical systems of countries through...

ICESDF 4 Multistakeholder Dialogue
12 May, 2014
The Intergovernmental Committee of Experts on Sustainable Development Financing (ICESDF) will hold its Fourth Session from 12-16 May 2014 at UN Headquarters (New York).

While this is a closed session, reserved to the Committee, an interactive multistakeholder dialogue will be organized on M...

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