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The Broadband Commission for Digital Development (BY INVITATION ONLY)

Date/Time & Location

Harvard Club, 19 September, 2010


International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and UNESCO


The Broadband Commission for Digital Development believes that high-speed, high-capacity broadband connections to the Internet are an essential element in modern society, with wide economic and social benefits. Its mission is to promote the adoption of broadband-friendly practice and policies so that the entire world can take advantage of the benefits broadband can offer.

More specifically, the Broadband Commission wants to demonstrate that broadband networks:

- have the same level of importance as roads and electricity networks; they are basic infrastructure in a modern society;

- are uniquely powerful tools for achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs);

- are remarkably cost-effective and offer an impressive return-on-investment (ROI) for both developed and developing economies;

- underpin all industrial sectors and increasingly are the foundation of public services and social progress

- must be coordinated nationally by governments in partnership with industry, in order too reap the full benefit of these powerful tools.

The establishment of the Broadband Commission in 2010 comes five years after the World Summit on the Information Society, and ten years after the launch of the Millennium Development Goals. Expanding broadband access in every country is the key way to accelerate attainment of those goals by the target date of 2015.

The Broadband Commission will define practical ways in which countries at all stages of development can achieve this, in cooperation with the private sector and civil society.


The Broadband Commission will report its findings to United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in September 2010, immediately before the summit to be held in New York to review work on achieving the Millennium Development Goals by the target date of 2015. With only five years left before then, broadband networks are an essential and uniquely powerful tool for achieving those goals and lifting people out of poverty worldwide.

The initial outcomes of the Commission will take the form of two reports. Broadband: A Leadership Imperative, will be a concise, high-level report that directly reflects input from the Commissioners. Broadband: A Platform for Progress will be a comprehensive analytical report that looks at financing models, return on investment, technology choices, and strategies for deployment across a range of different types of economies.

The Commissioners represent governments from around the world, relevant industries, international agencies, and organizations concerned with development. Leaders in their field, they each present on this site a vision for a future based on broadband.


Interactive Roundtables with Heads of State and 50+ Broadband Commissioners

Expected number of participants


Open for Media

By Invitation

Contact Information

Patricia Benoit-Guyot
Phone: +41 22 730 5111
E-mail: bbcommission@itu.int


The Broadband Commissioners represent Heads of State, Heads of UN agencies, Senior UN Officials, Senior Industry Officials and Representatives of Civil Society. A complete list of Commissioners can be found at the following weblink:

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