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Addressing the Global Water and Sanitation Challenge: The Key to the MDGs

Date/Time & Location

Delegates Dining Room, 22 September, 2010


Republic of Korea, Republic of Liberia, Republic of Senegal, Republic of Tajikistan and United States of America


High-level event to discuss the impact of water and sanitation on all MDGs
Anticipated outcomes from the event are as follows:
1. A greater understanding among key decision- and policy-makers of opportunities and challenges in sanitation, water and hygiene, including inequality in access.
2. Increased political prioritization and better targeting of aid to the poor, vulnerable and unserved.
3. Increased interest in participating in Sanitation and Water for All to improve stakeholder coordination and collaboration.
4. Increased interest and participation in the ¿Sustainable Sanitation 5-year drive to 2015¿


The purpose of the proposed Side Event and related activities is to raise awareness of the fact that an investment in sanitation and water represents and reinforces investments in all the MDGs.

Sanitation and water do not feature prominently in the wider MDG Summit discussions and yet progress on other MDGs will lag if this linkage is not fully recognized and incorporated into MDG action plans towards 2015. The Side Event and related activities will help to push sanitation and water up on the political and development agenda by communicating the following:
1. The MDGs are interconnected, and without progress on MDG 7c it will be very difficult to reach the other MDGs such as: nutrition, gender equality, and child and maternal health.
2. Sanitation and water coverage worldwide is not equitable.
3. Global support structures are in place for better coordination and partnership in water and sanitation.

Outcomes from the first Sanitation and Water for All High Level Meeting, held in the spring 2010, and outcomes of the High-level International Conference on the Midterm Comprehensive Review of the International Decade for Action "Water for Life, 2005-2015", held in June 2010, will be highlighted along with the ¿Sustainable Sanitation 5-year drive to 2015,¿ proposed as a follow-up to the International Year of Sanitation. Member states active in the ¿Sustainable Sanitation 5-year drive to 2015¿ initiative are planning to introduce a resolution this fall at the General Assembly.


Expected number of participants

Open for Media

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Contact Information

Lukmon Isomatov
Phone: 212 207 3315
E-mail: tajikistan@un.int


Published by: Tajikistan [ PERMANENT MISSION TO THE UN]


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