Improving Access to Support Measures

This Portal gives users access to information about special international support measures (ISMsInternational Support Measures) adopted by the international development community for countries included in the LDC category. ISMsInternational Support Measures are meant to assist LDCsLeast Developed Countries in confronting their special development challenges and in achieving progress towards graduation from the category. The measures can be grouped into 3 broad areas of assistance:


International support measures from development partners related to  international trade. 

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Support measures related to the volume and quality of Official Development Assistance.

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General Support

Other support measures such as dedicated travel funds and caps on contributions to the UN.

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Compendium of trade-related ISMs for LDCs

A document with background information about relevant trade-related ISMs is being prepared to...

SPOTLIGHT: Improving DFQF for LDCs

Paving the way for increased participation of LDCs in world trade requires effective market...

LDCs to keep DFQF benefits in Canada

The Canadian Government announced major changes to its General Preferential Tariff, its GSP scheme...

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Untied ODA to LDCs

In 2001, OECD-DAC members adopted a Recommendation to untie much of the ODA to LDCs. In 2011,...

ODA and private sector development for youth employment in LDCs

One of the pledges of the Istanbul Programme of Action (IPoA) focuses on the employment of youth...

Global Environment Facility releases progress report for LDC Fund

Global Environment Facility Releases Progress Report for LDC Fund The Global annual...

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TÜBITAK Graduate Scholarship Programme for LDCs is accepting applications

Applications are invited for TÜBITAK graduate scholarship available for the citizens of least...

Launch of Angola's LDC Graduation book

A digital book on the process of graduation of Angola from the list of LDCs was released in...

Samoa graduates from the LDC category

Samoa graduated from LDC status effective 1 January 2014. It now joins Botswana, Cape Verde, and...

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SPOTLIGHT summary: How long should the smooth transition period last?

In response to the lack of guidelines to support the transition of countries from the LDC...

ODA flows to LDCs in 2012: bilateral ODA declined significantly but how about multilateral development aid?

by Hiroshi Kawamura (*) Many in the donor community have expressed concern over the news from...

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Uganda failing to access EIF funding?

Ugandan news sources report that Uganda’s access to $4m EIF funding hangs in the balance, after...

Uganda less likely to be affected by new banana wilt disease

In 2001, Banana Xanthomonas Wilt (BXW) was detected for the first time in central Uganda. The...

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SPOTLIGHT: Improving the utilization of DFQF for LDCs

Although all LDCs are potentially able to benefit from the DFQF market access schemes offered by trading partners, and most products are covered, there are still obstacles that impede LDCs from...
Preferential Market Access

Is it age limit and how long can we benefit for the scolarship ?

Is it age limit and how long can we benefit for the scolarship ?
AUTM Developing Economies Scholarship