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Office of the Special Adviser on Africa

From a static directory to a dynamic and interactive database, this state of the art and unique search tool will help the most demanding in search of NGO's active in Africa.

At the Office of the Special Adviser on Africa (OSAA), we do acknowledge the importance to strengthen relationships among civil society groups, governments, and the international community, to link African NGO's at the grass root level with a global network.

This database is part of the United Nation's ongoing efforts to improve collaboration and facilitate information exchange among civil society organizations (CSOs), as well as with other development partners.

Are you new to OSAA ? Please join us.

If you are already registered on OSAA NGOs directory, please make sure that your organizational profile is up to date.

For more information on OSAA's work, please visit our website: https://www.un.org/osaa/content/ngo-database

Thousands of NGOs at your fingertips

In order to find an NGO from OSAA's database, you can choose from the seven main criteria below

Field(s) of activity
Area(s) of expertise
Organization's name