"Armenian Women for Health and Healthy Environment" NGO

Organization's name: "Armenian Women for Health and Healthy Environment" NGO
Organization's acronym: ZAP
Former Name(s): ZAP
Headquarters address  
Address: 24 B Baghramyan Ave.
Yerevan 0019
Phone: +37410523604
Fax: +37410523604
Email: office@awhhe.am
Web site: www.awhhe.am

Organization type: Non-governmental organization
  • Russian

Remarks: DR 25-MAY-2020: The organization requested to re-apply through message #293671 so the old application lines are deleted. Following is the information of the previous application: Application year:2017 Application received: 2016-05-26 01:00 Application Officer:Broddi Sigurðarson Assigned to:Irma Elizabeth Pérez Initial review date:18 Aug 2016 Review Status (by NGO Branch): Submitted to Committee Date review completed:23 Nov 2016 NGO Committee Information Latest Committee (Session) Session : 2018 Regular Session NGO Committee Decision : Case Closed without Prejudice Document Symbol/CRP : E/C.2/2018/CRP.1 File Number : 124 Batch Number 1 NGO Committee History Session Document Symbol/CRP Batch Number File Number Decision Status 2018 Regular Session E/C.2/2018/CRP.1 1 124 Case Closed without Prejudice 2017 Resumed Session E/C.2/2017/R.2/Add.29 30 2 Deferred

Contacts & Participation:

First Name:

Last Name:

Contact Type:

Gohar Khojayan Application
Elena Manvelyan Head of Organization


Areas of expertise & Fields of activity:

Gender Issues and Advancement of Women:
  • Capacity building
  • Education and training of women
  • Information and communication technologies
  • Millennium Development Goals
  • Policy advice
  • Service provision
  • Women and health
  • Women and poverty
  • Women and the environment
  • Women in power and decision-making

  • Sustainable Development:
  • Agriculture
  • Biodiversity
  • Capacity-building
  • Climate change
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Freshwater
  • Gender equality
  • Health
  • Information for decision-making and participation
  • Integrated decision-making
  • International cooperation for an enabling environment
  • Mining
  • Partnerships
  • Poverty
  • Rural Development
  • Sanitation
  • Toxic chemicals
  • Waste (hazardous)
  • Waste (solid)
  • Waste Management
  • Geographic scope: National
    Country of activity:
    • Belarus
    • Ukraine
    • Norway
    • Georgia
    • Kyrgyzstan
    • Czechia
    • Armenia
    • Netherlands
    • Russian Federation
    • Germany
    Millennium Development Goals:
    • Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
    • Promote gender equality and empower women
    • Ensure environmental sustainability
    • Develop global partnership for development
    Mission statement:
    Year established (YYYY): 1999
    Year of registration (YYYY): 1999
    Organizational structure: The governing bodies of the organization are the General Meeting, the Council and the President. The General Meeting is the highest governing body of the organization and is convened once two years. The Council is elected by the General Meeting of the organization for 2-year term and considered to be the governing body of the organization during the period between the General Meetings. The President is elected by the General Meeting of the organization for 2-year term; heads the work of the Council and is considered to be the governing body during the period between the Council’s sessions. AWHHE has 2 departments (Environmental Health and Hygiene and Ecological Risks) and operational unit.
    Number and type of members: 5 staff members and 27 volunteers
    Affiliation with NGO networks: IPEN, WECF, WfWP, EEB; ZMWG, GAIA, PAN, GEF NGO, HCWH, GEF NGO
    Funding structure:
    • Donations and grants from domestic sources

    Additional Information

    Sustainable Development

    Major Group affiliation:
    • Scientific and technological communities
    • Local authorities
    • Women
    • Non-governmental organization
    • Farmers
    Involvement in UN Partnerships:
    If yes, explain in detail:
    Affiliation with other organizations:


    Major group affiliation:

    Other UN Entities

    Accreditation with other UN Entities:
    • UNEP

    Main Objective

    Special Event / Application for Consultative Status with ECOSOC
    Username: office@awhhe.am