Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency

Organization's name: Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency
Organization's acronym: EEAA
Headquarters address  
Address: 30 Misr Helwan Zeraye Rd., Maadi
Phone: 002025274700
Web site:

Organization type: Local government
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Contacts & Participation:

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Adel Tag ElDin Social Development , Committee on NGOs Representative , Sustainable Development (primary)


Areas of expertise & Fields of activity:

Economic and Social:
  • Biodiversity
  • Climate Change
  • Development
  • Environment
  • Information
  • Sustainable Development
  • Women/gender Equality

  • Gender Issues and Advancement of Women:
  • Capacity building
  • Education and training of women
  • Women and the economy
  • Women in power and decision-making

  • Sustainable Development:
  • Biodiversity
  • Capacity-building
  • Gender equality
  • Information for decision-making and participation
  • Protecting and managing the natural resources
  • Sustainable development for Africa
  • Geographic scope: National
    Country of activity:
    • Egypt
    • Jordan
    Millennium Development Goals:
    • Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
    • Promote gender equality and empower women
    • Ensure environmental sustainability
    • Develop global partnership for development
    Affiliation with NGO networks: The Medicinal Plants Association
    Funding structure:
    • Membership fees or dues

    • Fees for education and training services

    • Product sales and business services

    • Donations and grants from domestic sources

    • Foreign and international grants

    Funding structure other: Local government, where the national biodiversity strategy approved by the state

    Additional Information

    Social Development

    Purpose of the organization:
    Activities relevant to the conference of States Parties to the convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities:

    Advancement of Women

    Statements or documents submitted
    to the Commission on the Status of Women:

    Other UN Entities

    Accreditation with other UN Entities:
    • UNDP

    Main Objective

    Social Development