Institut Hypatia d'Alexandrie pour la Reflexion et les Etudes

Organization's name: Institut Hypatia d'Alexandrie pour la Reflexion et les Etudes
Organization's acronym: ZAP
Former Name(s): ZAP
Headquarters address  
Address: Appt 14 Imm 71 Hay ElFath
Phone: ZAP
Fax: ZAP
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Organization type: Institution
  • English

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HIND ARROUB Social Development , Head of Organization , Advancement of Women


Areas of expertise & Fields of activity:

Economic and Social:
  • Citizenship and Governance
  • Climate Change
  • Coorporate Accountability
  • Culture
  • Development
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Governance
  • Human Rights
  • Justice
  • Media
  • Peace and Security
  • Religion
  • Social Development
  • Torture
  • Women
  • Youth

  • Gender Issues and Advancement of Women:
  • Capacity building
  • Education and training of women
  • Human rights of women
  • Information and communication technologies
  • Institutional mechanisms for the advancement of women
  • Millennium Development Goals
  • Research
  • Trafficking in women and girls
  • Violence against women
  • Women and health
  • Women and poverty
  • Women and the economy
  • Women and the environment
  • Women and the media
  • Women in power and decision-making

  • Social Development:
  • Employment
  • Information and Communications Technologies
  • Poverty
  • Youth
  • Geographic scope: Regional
    • Asia
    • Africa
    Millennium Development Goals:
    • Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
    • Achieve universal primary education
    • Promote gender equality and empower women
    • Ensure environmental sustainability
    • Develop global partnership for development
    Mission statement:
    Year established (YYYY): 2011
    Year of registration (YYYY): 2011
    Organizational structure: The I.H.A.R.E, based in Rabat, is an independent think tank targeting political, social and human rights studies in Morocco and the Arab world as a whole.
    Number and type of members: 6 MEMBERS. 1-Hind Arroub, Founder & Director, MOROCCO. 2-Mourad Noui, Assistant Director, USA. * Scientific Council: 3-Violette Daguerre, Chairwoman of the Arab Committee of Human rights in Paris, FRANCE. 4-Abdelhak Bensaoula, University Professor, Researcher associated to NASA programs, USA. 5-Fouad Bendimerad, University Professor, International Councilor, Chairman of NGO, USA / PHILLIPINES. 6-Abdellatif Negadi, Socio-economist , MOROCCO
    Affiliation with NGO networks: Partnership with RPCD/ USAID
    Funding structure:
    • Product sales and business services

    • Donations and grants from domestic sources

    Main Objective

    Special Event / Application for Consultative Status with ECOSOC