Afrique Azimuts

Organization's name: Afrique Azimuts
Organization's acronym: AA
Former Name(s): ZAP
Headquarters address  
Address: Rue Sinai Attiegou
Phone: 00228 98851994
Fax: ZAP
Web site: ZAP
Organization type: Media
  • French


Areas of expertise & Fields of activity:

  • Population structure

Public Administration:
  • Public Service and Management Innovation

Social Development:
  • Information and Communications Technologies

  • Development indicators
Country of activity:
  • Togo
Millennium Development Goals:
  • Develop global partnership for development
Mission statement:
Year established (YYYY): 2010
Year of registration (YYYY): 2011
Organizational structure: The society is composed of African scholars/academics who share the desire to represent and restore an authentic, honest, plural and balanced study of the African experience, past and present. We collate work from different areas of study, to educate, empower and enlighten. Enhancing the visiblity of African history and culture while adding clarity from an African cultural standpoint.
Number and type of members: 11
Affiliation with NGO networks: Product sales and business services
Funding structure:
  • Fees for providing consulting or research services
Funding structure other: membership fees or dues

Additional Information

No additional information available.