Bureau d’Électrification Rurale Décentralisée

Organization's name: Bureau d’Électrification Rurale Décentralisée
Organization's acronym: BERD
Headquarters address  
Address: Villa No30, Cité des Nations, Kaloum. BP: 3186-Conakry

Phone: 00224 68348456
Email: elie.simbiano1@gmail.com
Organization type: Inter-governmental organization
  • English
  • French


Areas of expertise & Fields of activity:

Financing for Development:
  • Addressing systemic issues
  • External debt
  • Increasing financial and technical cooperation for development
  • International Cooperation in Tax Matters
  • International Trade as an engine for development
  • Mobilizing domestic financial resources for development
  • Mobilizing international resources for development

Sustainable Development:
  • Energy
  • Partnerships
  • Poverty
  • Science
  • Technology
Geographic scope: International
Country of activity:
  • Guinea
Mission statement:
Funding structure:
  • Other sources
  • Donations and grants from domestic sources
  • Funds from Religious Institutions

Additional Information

Sustainable Development

Major group affiliation:
  • Indigenous people
  • Workers and trade unions
  • Scientific and technological communities
  • Business and industry
  • Children and youth
  • Local authorities
  • Women
  • Non-governmental organization
  • Farmers
Involvement in UN Partnerships: Yes