Actions et interventions pour le développement et l'encadrement social

Organization's name: Actions et interventions pour le développement et l'encadrement social
Organization's acronym: AIDES RDC
Former Name(s): Actions et Interventions pour le Developpement et l'Encadrement Social
Headquarters address  
Address: Boulevard du 30 Juin-Kinshasa /Gombe
Commune de la Gombe
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Phone: 00243818469566-00243822792961
Fax: 00

Organization type: Non-governmental organization
  • French

  • Kiswahili

Remarks: DR 27-MAR-2013: The NGO created this profile to re-apply, although their previous application was submitted on 24-AUG- 2011 under a different profile and closed on 10- OCT-2012. DR 10-OCT-2012: The organization failed to provide a valid financial statement and the certificate of registration enclosed is not dated, and therefore, unable to prove two years of existence. After the reminders and final notification sent by Maria (see message below) the organization never replied so the case is closed. MMN, 1-Oct-2012: NGO has not responded to my original message nor the two other reminders. I sent the final notification today (due on 4- October), to the only email address provided by them and also to an additional email address I found by googling the NGO (under a UNHCR listing of organizations).

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Edmond TAKO Sustainable Development (secondary) , Social Development , Advancement of Women , Financing for Development
FIDO KAKUMBWA MWENELWATA Advancement of Women , Conference Focal Point
Alphonse NZENGANI Others , Re-classification , Quadrennial Report , Sustainable Development (primary)
Jackie Rebeca AZIZA SABITI KIMONGO Sustainable Development (secondary) , Committee on NGOs Representative , Advancement of Women , Financing for Development , Sustainable Development (primary) , Head of Organization
Père Paul Martin LUKUSA MBWEBWA Sustainable Development (secondary) , Designation , Committee on NGOs Representative , Social Development , Advancement of Women , Financing for Development


Areas of expertise & Fields of activity:

Economic and Social:
  • Children
  • Development
  • Education
  • Peace and Security
  • Refugees
  • Violence
  • Women
  • Women/gender Equality

  • Gender Issues and Advancement of Women:
  • Education and training of women
  • Millennium Development Goals
  • Violence against women
  • Women and the economy

  • Social Development:
  • Conflict
  • Disabled persons
  • Poverty

  • Sustainable Development:
  • Education
  • Gender equality

  • Peace and Development in Africa:
  • Development in Africa
  • Peace in Africa

  • Conflict Resolution in Africa:
  • Conflicts Resolution
  • Geographic scope: National
    Country of activity:
    • Democratic Republic of the Congo
    Millennium Development Goals:
    • Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases
    • Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
    • Achieve universal primary education
    • Promote gender equality and empower women
    Mission statement:
    Year established (YYYY): 1998
    Year of registration (YYYY): 2007
    Organizational structure: a.Assemblée Générale L'Assemblée Générale est l'autorité suprême de AIDES. Elle est constituée de membres fondateurs et effectifs. Les membres d’honneur peuvent participer à l’Assemblée generale mais mais sans voix délibérative b.Conseil de Gestion/Comité de Gestion Le conseil de gestion est l’organe exécutif de AIDES. Il est chargé d’exécuter les décisions de l’Assemblée générale et veiller à bonne marche des activités et aux intérêts de l’association
    Number and type of members: 1.Président du Conseil/Représentant National 2.Vice Président/Assistant du Représentant 3.Coordination des Programme 4. Trésorier 5.Chargé de relation publique et Administration/Coordination des Projets 6.Conseillers 7.Personnel d'appoint
    Funding structure:
    • Membership fees or dues

    • Other sources

    • Funds from other Non-Governmental Organizations

    • Donations and grants from domestic sources

    Funding structure other: Haut Commissariat pour les Réfugiés,Programme Alimentaire Mondial,OMS,Fonds Commun Humanitaire et UNICEF

    Additional Information

    Sustainable Development

    Major Group affiliation:
    • Indigenous people
    • Children and youth
    • Local authorities
    • Non-governmental organization
    • Farmers
    Involvement in UN Partnerships:
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    Commission on Sustainable Development:
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    Social Development

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    Purpose of the organization:
    Activities relevant to the conference of States Parties to the convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities:
    Confirmation of the activities of the organization at the regional, national or international level:

    Advancement of Women

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    Informal regional network of NGOs

    UN-NGO-IRENE Newsletter:
    Accreditation with other UN Entities:
    • UNDP

    • WHO

    • IMO

    • UNHCR

    • UNICEF

    • FAO

    Main Objective

    Special Event / Application for Consultative Status with ECOSOC