Democratic World Federalists

Organization's name: Democratic World Federalists
Organization's acronym: DWF
Headquarters address  
Address: 55 New Montgomery St.
Suite #225
San Francisco, California 94105
United States of America
Phone: 1-415-227-4880
Fax: same
Web site:
Organization type: Non-governmental organization
  • English


Areas of expertise & Fields of activity:
Economic and Social:
  • Citizenship and Governance
  • Disarmament
  • Extreme poverty
  • Governance
  • Human Rights
  • International Law
  • International Security
  • Justice
  • Peace and Security
  • United Nations Reform
Geographic scope: International
Country of activity:
  • United States of America
Millennium Development Goals:
  • Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
  • Ensure environmental sustainability
  • Develop global partnership for development
Mission statement:
Year established (YYYY): 1983
Year of registration (YYYY): 2005
Organizational structure: DWF is an international volunteer nonprofit, tax exempt think tank and educational peace organization that specializes in global governance issues.
Number and type of members: 15 member Board of Directors, 10 Brain Trust/Advisory Board members, and an additional 30 to 50 supporters.
Funding structure:
  • Donations and grants from domestic sources

Additional Information

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