IBF - Intercontinental Boxing Federation

Organization's name: IBF - Intercontinental Boxing Federation
Organization's acronym: IBFed
Former Name(s): Rank Homologative - Confirmation in website
Headquarters address  
Address: street Arnaud Holand 54b - 101 - CODE 51021-170
titles Homologative in web site
international representative juridic cnpj:
Phone: +55 88 9 9468 4246 - President Eduardo Moraes
Email: intercontinentalboxingfed@gmail.com
Web site: www.intercontinentalboxingfederation.com

Organization type: Institution
  • Spanish
  • English
  • Portuguese

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eduardo moraes Social Development


Areas of expertise & Fields of activity:
Economic and Social:
  • Culture
  • Drug Control
  • Economics and Finance
  • Education
  • Information
  • Social Development

Social Development:
  • Cooperative
  • Information and Communications Technologies
  • Technical cooperation
Geographic scope: International
Year established (YYYY): 2018
Year of registration (YYYY): 2018
Organizational structure: international incluse members of 5 continents
Number and type of members: 80 starting
Funding structure:
  • Other sources
  • Fees for education and training services
  • Product sales and business services

Additional Information

Social Development

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Main Objective

Special Event / Application for Consultative Status with ECOSOC
Username: dojociam@gmail.com